Textures and Outfits

Sometimes when I’m wearing outfits after a while, the textures start to get wonky.
Like, for example, the Hyrkanian Raider pants. At the back of the pants, there’s this brown strap.
But out of the random, sometimes this brown strap has white edges along the sides. I don’t know what causes this or how this happens, but one second an outfit is fine, then the next, the whole outfit is messed up.
And I was playing around with the Turan armor sets today. Best outfits in the game, I think. But like the Raider pants, the textures get messed up. I’ve noticed it a lot with the Heavy Turan armor since I love the look of it so much. The outfit is mostly
Black, grey, and gold. Less gold than the other colors.
But sometimes the outfit will suddenly be mostly gold and some red along the gold. The chest area will become filled with gold accents.
Another thing I’ve noticed is muscles appear lower res. Shirtless NPCs have lower res textures when it comes to their muscles and even their ears appear low res.
I don’t know how much help this will be to bettering the game since I don’t know how to trigger this, but I thought it needed to be pointed out once again.

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