Thank you very much Developer for all your hard work in new patch

I have many problem about many bugs in this game but the worst thing is the purge.
I have been waiting for new patch for a long times and finally , this new patch has come. :smile:

After new patch I’m working hard to fill the purge meter and finally today ( 10/3/2019 ) , I just got the first purge in this new patch

, And I finally got some benefit , I got 1 purge T4 blacksmith from it.

I’m still waiting for T4 purge Alchemist and armorer. I hope I will get them soon ,because seem that the purge is work fine for me by now.

also I still have 2 issues , I want it to be fixed. :pray:

  1. NPC’s pets( wolf / panter ) can attack their owner.
  2. Pets/thralls hunger system is still exist.

I’m gladly to change my rate from negative to positive in steam.
As I see , Even this game have many problem but developer still listening players and working to improve it. :+1:

Thank you so very much , I’m really appreciate. :grin:


Glad the purge is working for you :slight_smile:
Also the pet hunger bar is only visual. Pets won’t take any damage once they are at 0. We will however fix this to make sure it’s not confusing.


Also give some major respect to the individual responsible for the dedicated server software. The easiest dedicated server i have ever used and it is amazing. Much respect!


We had 6 purges on yesterday only, but none of them spawned.
Well, bad luck I guess.

Yes Purge is spawning but if you would read my post, I have gotten a purge for 3 nights in a row now and my purge meter is not resetting. This is getting old fast.

We are aware that there are still some kinks and looking into it as we already mentioned. I was replying to the OP of this thread.

OK thanks. I know but I hadn’t seen any one else report the meter not resetting or being acknowledged. Also purges are attacking multiple bases each night. last night per the event log, they hit 3 of my bases. i narrowed the proximity down to 100, and at 3 of my bases it shows purge has started/ended. all different times. is that intended? that would be pretty hard to defend while online if they can jump to multiple locations.

thanks for the reply and hopefully you all can get this sorted out.

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I answered all I know in your topic now.

Lisse. To pvp player to THx buff door agien. And nerf avatar not buff them more,

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