Thaumaturgy bench doesn't work

I built thaumaturgy bench and wanna add new recipe in my Kurak book. I put all the ingredients in the bench (Kurak book, Sorcerous Spell Page, rotten meat, and something else), all ingredients in the menu on the right side are highlighted as they are in the bench and match all requirements, but button “Craft” is unavailable. Later I even threw in there a thrall, but still can’t craft. Now, with thrall, I should obtain new Sorcerous Spell Page combining 10 Failed Sorcerous Spell Page, but craft button here is unavailable as well! The button just half-transparent, locked, pressing it brings no result.

How does this bench work? Do I miss something?

If you are over encumbered it won’t work. Check how much you are carrying.

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Oh, yeah, I’m exactly overencumbered using last tier perk in Expertise attribute. Is it bug or feature? I mean, if it’s feature I don’t get it.

All it checks for is whether you are overencumbered. Even with that perk, you are still encumbered. (Yeah, it catches me too sometimes)

I saw somewhere it has something to do with the animations and such that go with sorcery.

Yep, I tried it now, there is animation of making new recipes and it seems having 1000 kilos on character’s back brings kinda discomfort. Now it makes sense, alright. Thanks a lot, I would notice it probably only by chance.

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