Thaumaturgy bench misses a menu where you can choose the recipe to upgrade the Tome of Kurak

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Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1026
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

My thaumaturgy bench is missing the option to upgrade the Tome of Kurak. And no, it is not hidden. Nor is it because the tome of kurak is not in the bench. The little circle that you press to get to the recipe is simply not there.

Bug Reproduction:

Started conan exiles, logged on to the game and went to the Thaumaturgy bench. then i clicked it with the E button.

Could you maybe post a screenshot?
What little circle? The recipe is supposed to be right next to crafting the staff on the right side.
It’s also only available if the book is in the bench like you said and you haven’t maxed it out yet (recipe disappears once you unlock the final spell)…

However… did you by any chance use a yellow lotus or natural learning potion? Currently those potions are bugged and sometimes remove knowledge acquired from the game-world too - such as the Sorcery feat. in which case you might have to go back to the cave to re-learn it.

Since i am new here i cannot post screenshots.
What circle? Well, on all crafting stations recipes are reached by pressing circles. Not sure i can explain any better.

I did not use the potions you mentioned but i did use a potion of bestial memory.

I still don’t see any circles! Unless you mean little squares :slight_smile:

In any case could you check if you still have the sorcery feat in your knowledge tab like so?

In the upper right corner on the “crafting panel”. Two circles with a symbol inside?? And mine doesnt have the book symbol. it has the two pages and the staff but that is all.

Oh… you mean the filter?

Normally you shouldn’t need to press those to get to the recipe unless you already activated them previously. These are just filters and yes, pressing one of them could hide your book recipe, but it would also hide your pages and only show the staff, which is not the case as you said

Yes, but only the circle witht he knife in it is present, and by pressing that i do hide/show all recipes. But also, the book symbol for the upgrade recipe is not amongst them. And no, there is no isue with the sorcery knowledge. But i might know what is worng now. The image you posted from the knowledge tab, does it have all the spells?

It is missing one spell in that database I think, or two (this is an earlier snapshot of my server where I already unlocked all of them) - hence why I have the upgrade option, but it’s almost complete so you don’t get many more recipes.
So if you have one more spell than I do then you pretty much completed it… the transportary stones are the very last spell, after which the upgrade option disappears so if you have that then you’re pretty much done with sorcery

It appears i have the lighting storm which you dont, so it is probly because i have got all the upgrades. Didnt think i had because yesterday the upgrade option was visible, and i havent done any upgrades after that. Maybe that was a bug. The book also says there is room for more knowledge so i thought it meant it wasnt fully upgraded.

yea lightning storm and transportary stones are the two I’m missing there.
Equip a build hammer and see if you can craft transport stones under crafting stations / sorcery.
If you can then yes you fully upgraded it :slight_smile:
The tome is a static item btw, does not change at all no matter how much you upgrade (it’s kind of a gimmick / plot hole I guess as it doesn’t change, its only purpose is “role play clutter” :stuck_out_tongue: )

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