The Adventures of Spreadicus! Now Live!

Just want my Spreadman Fans to know that
Spread Ultimate Cut is now live

This cut includes fixes and bonus scenes

Check it out!

Be sure to like and subscribe if you like the show!

Be warned its 30 minutes start to finish

Grab some popcorn for this!


Just wanted to update, I plan on releasing a 2nd cut in the coming days. This will have re-rendered scenes that hopefully improve the quality of the video as well as cleaning up some things I missed the first time. This is what happens when you rush things!

Also there will be a bonus scene that didn’t make it in time for the first cut so stay tuned!

Casting for episode 2 will be posted within a week or so.

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Update: The Adventures of Spreadicus Episode 1 SpreadUltimate cut is now live! With fixed visuals, fixed audio, bonus scenes and more!! check it out and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy the show!! It doesn’t cost a thing!

The video link in the top of this thread has been updated.

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