Message in a bottle

Greetings Hyborians! So, I found this message in a bottle on White Sands.


The message reads as follows…

Dear Citizens of Hyboria,
I hope these past few seasons have found you well! I myself, have been on an adventure that you would not believe if I told you! Fear not! For I am alive and well! I am currently preparing the manuscript for the last leg of my tale, "The Adventures of Spreadicus!"™ Part 3! I am also cordially inviting all citizens of Hyboria to attend a ceremony in The Serpent Head Inn to commemorate the upcoming release of the only new content you’re ever going to get for Age of Conan!
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The Official Spreadman Discord

Wait, there’s more…

P.S. Also, Be sure to check out "The Adventures of Spreadicus!™ Episode 1!
As well as The Choose Your Own Adventure Special, Episode 2!
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Hold on… There’s something else at the bottom, it’s very hard to make out… :face_with_monocle:

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Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am excited! :smiley:


Nice thing I like it.

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