Message in a bottle

Greetings Hyborians! So, I found this message in a bottle on White Sands.


The message reads as follows…

Dear Citizens of Hyboria,
I hope these past few seasons have found you well! I myself, have been on an adventure that you would not believe if I told you! Fear not! For I am alive and well! I am currently preparing the manuscript for the last leg of my tale, "The Adventures of Spreadicus!"™ Part 3! I am also cordially inviting all citizens of Hyboria to attend a ceremony in The Serpent Head Inn to commemorate the upcoming release of the only new content you’re ever going to get for Age of Conan!
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The Official Spreadman Discord

Wait, there’s more…

P.S. Also, Be sure to check out "The Adventures of Spreadicus!™ Episode 1!
As well as The Choose Your Own Adventure Special, Episode 2!
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The Adventures of Spreadicus - The Full Series!

Hold on… There’s something else at the bottom, it’s very hard to make out… :face_with_monocle:

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Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am excited! :smiley:


Nice thing I like it.

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Salutations fellow Hyborian’s! I found another message from The Spreadman!

"Greetings friends and well met! I wanted to let you know, that my quest to save Hyboria from certain doom, is coming along as well as such quests do.

See for yourself!

As an early gift to celebrate the Pagan holiday known as “Christ mass”, and to thank this community I have spent so many years of my life around, I have decided to release 18 minutes of
“The Adventures of Spreadicus Episode 3”,

This early preview is NOT even available on my public YouTube channel! (Full release will come out when it’s ready).

Hmm, there’s more…

My humble quest is still in progress and I plan to continue my adventure until I’m satisfied with how it all ends! And I hope you all will be as well!
Also, keep in mind, This early preview will only be available for a week or so before it’s taken down,
Also it’s exclusively for my Discord Fans. But fear not, for more previews are certain for my loyal Discord followers!

If you’re not in my Official Discord, You’re missing out!
The Spreadman ← click to join a hundred or so other Spreadizens! All Welcome!

Safe Travels Friends! and Merry Christ Mass!!

Die Well
Spreadicus of Cimmeria

Did I read that right? 18 MINUTES of episode 3 is now available exclusively to Spread’s Discord Users? Nice! I heard he even added a shout out to the man AndyB and a bunch of others in the community! I’m gonna go watch it right now! Grabs Popcorn

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Hey guys! I got another message from The Spreadman!

It reads as follows…

Greetings Fellow Hyborians!
I have finished half of my tale and am proud to share with you my latest adventure! It’s been a long time in the coming and there is more yet to tell! I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Hmm, there’s a link…

Hold on a sec… Something at the bottom…

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Holy Cow!! I’m Gonna go watch it right now!!