The Adventures of Spreadicus Casting Call Thread

Greetings Hyborians!

Some of you may have heard, some may have not, that I’m currently filming an episodic series within the game Age of Conan similar to the Machinima miniseries that was filmed back in 2008-2009 titled “Roleplayin.”

It was highly entertaining and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

The first episode of my series is now live! And auditions for episode 2 are now open!

If you have any interest in being a part of this production hop on discord and let me know!

Production begins in August.

I am looking for people of all types for

Character actors - People who have characters with lots of vanity and even those who don’t. Folks who are on Fury pvp as well as Crom are welcome to apply.

Voice actors - Have a good voice? Can you speak clearly?/ Do you have a decent microphone?
If so I want you!

I’m looking for all types and all accents both male and female.

You could even get paid $$ depending on the size of your potential role!

Join discord to be considered and let me know you’re interested!

That’s all!

All encouraged to apply! All Welcome!


You know man, I am honest when I say your in-game presence annoys the living daylights out of me, the caps, the repeating 3 times (in caps) of quasi tasteless language, and the incessant twitch ads.

BUT this is very cool, creative and surprises the, well living daylights out of me. I call BS when I see it, but I give props when due.

Let me say, good job my man, keep it up and best of luck. :beers:

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My friend camney is from Vietnam have you asked him about the beautiful Khitan role yet? His voice is the combination of warm honey mixed with melted butter with a hint of soy sauce.



Good luck with this! Looks like it we be fun. I enjoyed the original series, and wish that it could have continued.


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That’s all in well but I’m looking for a female Asian accent. Tho he does sound a little girly :smirk:

Updated casting role,

Looking for female voice to do voiceover stuff over discord. Any accent is welcomed.

Camney can do Vietnamese female. He’s from Hanoi.

Send him my way I’ll give him a shot

To all

Check casting roles daily for updates

Now offering Steam cards as compensation. I realize people’s time is valuable and I aim to make it worth your while. All inquires should be directed to Spreadman in Discord

Really? Nobody wants to take Spreads :moneybag:? :thinking:

Now picking up talent for episode 2, See original post for details and reach out to me on discord if interested.

Just wanted to thank the folks who did contribute to this project and let everyone know I’m wrapping up the post editing as I write this. The first episode should be ready to premiere this weekend. this definitely turned out to be a more ambitious project than I imagined but it was fun and more is to come!

I think if you like aoc and you’re not a total snowflake you’ll get a bit of enjoyment out of it.


Role: Smuggler
Size - Small role - 3 lines only,
Description: you just have to sound like a gruff pirate type on discord while I record you (or you can record offline and send me the wav files). Think AAAARRHH MATEYS! if anyone is interested hit me up. Role closes in a few hours! last chance to get in on this!

Compensation: Voiceover Credit

Role: Random girl
Size _ Extremely small - 1 line
Description: Need a female to voice one line for a random girl in tortage. Only a few hours left to get this part before I scrap it!
Compensation: Voiceover Credit

Interested players should contact Spreadman on Discord

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Congratulations on your project! I can’t wait to see it.

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Be sure and tell us when it’s up Twitch and youtube. Definitely want to see this! :beers:

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The pilot episode is slated to premiere Sunday evening prime time (barring any unforeseen set backs) when I go live on twitch. Usually around 6-7 pm est

The episode is about 20-30 minutes in length.

Stay tuned. I’ll announce it on crom and fury ahead of time.

Cheers! :beers:

So I just wanted to give everyone who was looking forward to this premiere tonight a heads up it’s going to be tomorrow instead. Turns out rendering some of these scenes is taking longer than I anticipated.

Expect a good show tomorrow folks!



I am looking forward to this!


Just wanted to let everyone know i am uploading the Episode now. I am going to go live on twitch for a bit and will publish the video on my Youtube Channel after some fun pvp!

Stay tuned!!

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Just an update to the top post. Auditions are open for episode 2.

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Greetings all!

Open casting for CHARACTER ACTORS ONLY on AoS Ep 2 has begun.

This refers to Players in game with toons that are willing to come out and be involved in the filming process

Episode 2 is going to be a complex episode requiring a few extra players to get involved.

I am also accepting auditions for Voiceover actors/actresses but those spots are filling fast!

General Requirements:
Level 80
Some tortage rags for vanity gear
Weapon/Armor vanity will be given to you if you do not have it.
Level 80 blue gear or higher
Commitment to any scheduled shoot which could take a few hours at a time. These will be scheduled in advance and will be coordinated depending on everyones availability.

I’m looking for
Male barbarian, kind of young looking mid 20s, dark hair short or long
Female ranger mid 20-early 30s with bright fiery red hair of a style to be determined.
Male Bear shaman late 30s, long blonde hair and no facial hair
Male Stygian Tos - early 30s hair style tbd
Female Necromancer late 20searly 30s- Purple or green (or some off color) hair
More to be listed as the story develops.

Didn’t see anything on the list? Still want to be a part? Have lots of vanity gear? Contact me on discord.

Also looking for a Female Stygian ToS lookalike for Lirial Battle Priest of Ibis with matching outfit because it’s hard to film Lirial and Spreadicus at the same time being they’re both on the same account (mine).

Also a poll to gauge interest and gather more information to factor in on whether I film the next episode on Fury or Crom.

  • I’m on Fury and I’ll gladly play a part!
  • I would if filming were done on Crom. I can’t be bothered to move to Fury.
  • I’ll bring a toon (that fits one of your casting list roles) to Fury if you pay for it.
  • I just want to enjoy the show!
  • Not interested. Don’t even know why I’m voting to be honest.

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