The archer does not attack the Mammoth!

Game mode: Official Testlive
Version: 98326/17959
Problem: Bug

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in the north,the archer does not attack the Mammoth,and the Mammoths can kill thrall at will,plz fix it.
Repro steps:
1.Place an archer
2.Attract a mammoth and close to the Archer
3.the archer does not attack the Mammoth
4.The mammoth killed the Archer

Did you allow the Mammoth to get a hit in on you? The thrall AI for a following thrall (as it is presently) will work as a passive defender, and not an aggressive defender. You, or the thrall, must be struck first before the thrall will draw steel (or pull bow).

Because the mammoth hits hard, this might not be a functional tactic for you to leverage to take mammoths down. You’d probably fair better on a perch with snake arrows. Or, have several clan members help you, and take turns poking it with spears.

OP does say “place thrall” - so it is not on follow.

Fighter thralls on defensive positions (not on follow) do randomly not attack enemies within range, on other occasions they do attack without the thrall or the player being attacked first. It is a reported bug.