The Archers don't fire, nor can i use my archery

Hello is there anyone else that has a problem with using bows and arrows? I have tried everything but i can’t use my bows and arrows, have even reinstalled the game but the problem is still there, not even the thralls are using thier archery .

Did you drag the arrows on your bow in your inventory?
Same applies for the NPC archers. They need an arrow in the inventory and a bow on which you dragged the arrow onto.

Yes i did all those things it’s just wierd that it wont work.

When I first started Archery, I had a hard time pulling back the bow too!
But I worked my arm muscles and was able to pull it just fine…
You need to pump some Iron =)
Mine some Iron and carry it around, it may increase your characters mussels!

hehehe thats funny, my strength is maxed out! The thing is when i go to use the bows my charecter stands like it’s about to do a flying leap into the water. lol it is very frustrating not being able to use my bows.
So it would seem i am the only one having this problem?? Wierd.

Sorry I have not encountered that problem.
Try throwing away that bow and making a new bow you could have a item glitch

Oki i will try that, i even spawned in a bow , but it still did not work. This is why i maxed my strength and gritt to get the most out of my hand to hand combat.

To be honest I don’t even use bows in the game anymore due to the fact it takes 10+ arrows to kill easy critters what are our characters aiming at with these arrows? the monster’s feet?
In real life, I can down an Elk from 70 Yards in one shot. Have the Funcom Developers ever hunted with a Bow or consulted with a real-life Archer when coding how a bow performs?
If not they should…
Archery in the game is totally laughable right now, Bows use to be pretty close to realistic before they messed with combat in the big update.

hehehe love your comment!!! Yeah they really should. At least make it so that the bows and arrows do a bit more damage again, i play 7DTD and there the bows and arrows do LOTS more damage even on Just Survive. Even if i do love getting up close and personal to the monsters and killing them with my swords and axes :slight_smile:

If you are right-handed, try your other right hand. If left-handed…Well, you get the idea.

In all seriousness, there had been an on again off again glitch with firing a bow for quite awhile during early access that would cause it to stop firing at certain points and under certain conditions. But, when it stopped firing, it was actually still performing the bow shot animation and sound effect, just no arrow fired. Though I experienced it far too many times, it never happened right from the start. You always got to fire at least a few times before it happened and relogging would fix it for a time. And I’ve not seen any sign of it for quite awhile.

That is the only “bow not firing” bug/glitch that I can recall (other than a certain bow that was admin spawnable that must have never been fully implemented and simply did not work) and it sounds nothing like yours.

Perhaps you could give us a bit more detail and maybe even some screenshots so that we can try to help you further.

Which exact bow and arrows are you using (and have used)? Hover your pointer over them to get the full title and item number.

Which exact mods are you using, if any? This is important because multiple mods running simultaneously can cause some strange behavior. For example, two of the mods I run on my “Live” game cancel aspects of each other out even though they are completely unrelated and do totally different things.

Things that may be helpful (For more responses? Maybe?):

Are you on PC or Xbox?
Local game (single player) or multiplayer?
If multiplayer, private or official server?
Which major energy drink do you enjoy while playing?
Can or bottle?
12, 16 or 24+ ounces?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

And finally, if all of your clan mates jumped off of a Sentinel, would you?

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Ok i will go ingame and take a screen shot for ya, i hope you can help me with this.

Ok here is what happens ingame when i try to use any of my bows even if i spawn them ffrom admin

Hmmm. You’re going into default T-pose. I’ve obviously seen thralls occasionally glitching to T-pose, but never a player.

Unfortunately, this is well beyond anything in my experience and I can only recommend that you file a support ticket since, in my opinion, something seems fairly broken.

However, it may still be something relatively simple for one with the proper knowledge.

P.S. You didn’t mention anything about game type or mods and the like. Be prepared to provide all that sort of information to Support.

Here was the mods i wass using, and i am playing singleplayer/ co-op pve

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I am trying something new, i am removing all the subscribed mods and reinstalling the game just to see if i can usew the archery again.

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That will most likely solve the issue. However, you’ll not know which of the mods, if any are the culprit. The mod process of elimination is tedious and time consuming, but something all of us that enjoy mods wind up embracing, at least to a degree at some point.

I’ll admit that I’ve occasionally just removed them all and played for awhile, but it is also difficult for me to let something go unsolved for very long. None of the mods in your list really stand out at a glance. And I don’t want to pick on any, of course.

I will say that I use and enjoy LitMan Item Stack & Container Size and that it conflicted with a couple of other mods in my list, namely a bow mod I was testing out. Whichever of the two loaded last (lower on the list–which is actually not intuitive to me as I think of top being highest priority, but that’s another story) canceled the other.

I enjoy my increased stacks and container capacity so much (even though I just spent a few hundred hours in TestLive with no mods), I wound up in favor of the LitMan mod over the bow mod until I am ready to research and test other stack/container mods that may work with the bow mod.

All of that said, you’ve no bow mod running with which it might conflict, so I am not certain if any of this is helpful. Either way, good luck!

The problem was in a old mod " Conquerer Bronze Plate Armor" plus i think when they done the big update last week, it caused a internal error that made the archery just stoped working.
I unsubscribed to all my mods, then i reinstalled the game and started it without my mods, and the error was fixed, now i can use my mods again. But i am not useing the out dated mods cause i don’t want a conflict again.
Thx for all the help!!

Most excellent! That method gives a clean start and a sense of security. Glad you got it all resolved. That had to be annoyingly frustrating.

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Oh yessssssssss it was frustrating!!! Now even armor that was glitching is working like they supose to. I had made some armor from mitra but when i put them on my thralls or me i was totaly naked so was my thralls, lol but the damage resistance was there but you couldn’t see the armor. Now everything is working as they should.

If you teleported you’ll sometimes do the T pose as everything is loading in. During this time enemies are also invisible and can’t attack for a few seconds.