The axe in the air

Hello! I found a bug: axe in the air. This axe is left over from a murdered enemy. Location: the Sealed Gate. I can’t attach screenshot or link because I am a new user.

Hey @Troglodit,

First of all, welcome :wink:

Could you ‘attach’ a screenshot using the end of an imgur (or similair) link?
( bit here)

Ok, let’s try.
Enter this address in the address bar: s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/4ddcf10dc30a016f4cb486a45458499b.jpg

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Have you tried

  • walking in and out of the Sealed Gate area?
  • restarting the game? As in: saving, closing it, opening it and then playing the save.

Also, which platform do you play on?

PC (Epic Games).
This bug appeared only once. When I went back to the Sealed Gate, the axe disappeared.

Hello @Troglodit, welcome to the forums and thank you for your report!

We’ve forwarded this to the team so that it can be looked into.

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