The Banished! (XBOX) Great server for new to veteran players!

The Banished
A server where players can join a clan and go to war with each and then relax and join a community event!
Come join and play in the server and interact with the community

The server has very friendly admin which can help you with any problem you have in the server. For more information on the server join the discord
Server Name:
The Banished


N1- No racial slurs of any kind

N2- No harassment towards another player (Discord or Xbox)

N3- Do not beg for free stuff from admins

N4- The server has no rules, don’t cry to the admins if you get raided
Other than that you’re free to the whatever you want! You can even raid the admin’s base if you find it!

Raid Times:
12 PM - 2 AM EST

Server Settings:

•Items are kept on death

•Harvest Amount Multiplier : 5


•Experience Multiplier : 3

•Thrall Conversion Multiplier : 0.2

•Item Conversion Multiplier : 0.2

•Idle Thirst Multiplier : 0.2

•Active Thirst Multiplier : 0.2

•Idle Hunger Multiplier : 0.2

•Active Hunger Multiplier : 0.2

•Durability Multiplier : 0.2

•Day Cycle Speed : 0.5

•Player Stamina Multiplier : 2.0

•Stamina Cost Multiplier : 0.2

•Item Spoil Rate Scale : 0.5

•Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier : 4.0

•Avatar Summon Time : 10

•Avatar Life Time : 120

•Max Clan Size : 10