The beta client starts .. but then?

Hay ! I can’t „play“ the beta …
If I start the client , I can see it in my process, but it’s not showing up :frowning:

The normal client works well :heart:

Good morning .
Unless I am mistaken , the BETA NAIS customer is not available on PlayStaion or Xbox. The Beta client is only used on Steam.

So, some questions we’re going to need some detail on:

Mods? If so, disable all mods, try again.
Do you get the Launch/Continue screen?
Do you press Launch or Continue?
Doe Task Manager just list the process or does it say it is 'Not Responding?"

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Please forgive my answer if this one is not exact. As we summon on the PlayStation section, Jen is deduced that you play on this machine. If this is not the case, you just have to deceive section. If you are on PC, all the answer of @Pugilist should help you.

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  1. of course on pc ?! mods
    3.the funcom launcher starts and works
    4.nothing happen after .
    5.TM shows it’s running ( sandbox Conan ) and response - but there’s no game able to start or play

Edit : I start all first with steam ( if this information is needed )

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The reason @mynotaure asked if it was PC is because you have posted the question in the Playston section.

You mention the Funcome Launcher starts. My assumption is that you get the Launch and Continue buttons at the bottom of the splash screen. Is this correct?

First yes , I’ve Start it like that
Second try : start the .exe in game folder
Third try : start in admin mode

Because @Kombar is a Playstation veteran. He probably plays in beta just to be prepared for what’s coming. Many PlayStation players are testing the games on their pc and give us information on private chats through psn.

Honestly , Iam doing exactly that :joy:

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