The Black Pearl is gone

So, one of the first clans I befriended on the Isle of Siptah, built a small town based around a ship build called the Black Pearl. Late last night another clan communicated with us that the Pearl had despawned. I’m curious now, what would have caused this to happen, on an official server? There was no purge and decay timers aren’t working.
One of the things I enjoy about this PVE server is several clans have made community areas, jousting arenas, pvp arenas, hell I’m working on a park/garden right now.
I guess my question is, do I have to worry about my builds just disappearing one day? Or is there some building guidelines that I may have missed?

well, if this Black Pearl build you are speaking of was reported as violating the

Official servers’ guidelines its quite possible Admins removed the structure.


That’s kinda what I was thinking…sad if that was the case. Especially considering there are bases on the server that blue screen you if you get anywhere close to them, not to mention the bases that purposely block of pathways. I don’t get it sometimes…I just hate to see a great work destroyed when its soul existence was for everyone’s enjoyment. Blah


From what I’ve read on the forums (I have no personal experience), builds that tend to be more decorative, and/or more RolePlay focused tend to have better success on Private Servers where there are different sets of Rules, and usually an active Admin team to address things more to the Server Communities liking.

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