The broadast is bugged again

This morning the broadcast mission pick up outside the laundermat is blocked. The mission apparently thinks samhain is over and/or the mission black sun, red sands was not completed

Thanks very much for your report. We’re aware of and looking into this issue.

I paused the Broadcast mission in Tier 1 & now I cannot pick it up again.

The mission icon outside the Laundromat has disappeared. I have tried logging in & out, reloadui, zoning in & out etc, but nothing works.

I don’t know if it’s related, but this was my first time doing the mission.

The mission is gone for me too

Can you group up with someone and have them share the mission?

This issue should now be resolved: The Broadcast - I can't resume or pick the mission up?

Thank you again for your patience while our team worked to address this problem as swiftly as possible.

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