The Challenge Timeline: Dark Cherries of the World Tree

Weakened Anima:

  • Your damage is decreased by 30%

Meteor Shower:

  • Clusters of meteors will periodically impact near you.

Tenuous Connection:

  • You have 2 fewer lives.

Thin Atmosphere:

  • You take damage every 3 seconds while in combat.
  • You are unable to sprint.

Quickened Cataclysm:

  • The timer to complete Dark Agartha is shortened by 4.00.

Strong Survivors:

  • Bosses deal 30% more damage.

Chaotic Energies:

  • The bosses in your Dark Agartha are randomized and do not match the standard timeline everyone else has today.
  • All bosses gain 1 additional effect.
  • Mushroom Coated Hagstone cannot be used.

Outside Dark Agartha awaits a new NPC: the “Shady Salesman”. Every day, he sells access to different Challenge Timelines - treacherous threads of possibilities within Dark Agartha - with greater potential rewards (including a new outfit) but also greater difficulty.

With Update 2.3.3 (Winter 2019) appeared the Challenge Timeline where for 10k MOF you can purchase the Challenge Timeline debuff which runs out at daily reset time.

It may not take long until the various challenges start recycling through, and given that some Challenge Timelines are more difficult than others and its 10k MOF price tag, it may be better to ‘cherry-pick’
which Challenge Timelines are to your liking.

This thread is to document the various Challenge Timeline challenges to aid in that cherry-picking.

When purchased, immediately activate an alternate timeline in Dark Agartha. This timeline is more difficult to complete, but also increases the number of Fragments received from the reward chest.
You may return to the normal timeline that everyone else is experiencing today by purchasing “Abort Challenge Timeline” from the same vendor, or the Irreparable Custodian of Curios inside Dark Agartha.
The available Challenge Timeline will last until Dark Agartha changes at the daily reset.

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First day the challenge was -30% dealt damage. Don’t know what it was the second day because I automatically assumed the challenge was -30% forever and didn’t change daily(?).

This is what I have still running on me

This is what’s available at the salesman

It’s 3 hours until DA reset but the challenge already has changed. Has anyone figured out if the challenge changes multiple times in 24 hours or is challenge daily reset time different from DA reset time?

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Oh, the current one is called Tenuous Connection.

  • You have 2 fewer lives.

I think previous ones were 30% damage reduction and meteors. Confirmation needed.
I wonder if they are random, or fitting to a specific schedule.
Also the Challenge Timeline might not actually reset at the daily reset time, despite tooltip.

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This belongs in that great screenshots thread. What a great view.
I have no idea how you got up on that roof either. Must be exclusive for evil maniacs.

Yeah, i don’t know if there was one after damage reduction yet before meteors either.



yes it’s tradable


It was 30% less damage 2 days in a row

No, the second day had meteors. But the change of the challenge timelines doesn’t match up with the reset on Dark Agartha, so it’s currently possible to run the previous day’s challenge again if you do it early enough in the day.

Actually there’s been a different challenge each day, it’s just that they currently change over at 12:00 GMT instead of when DA resets. Pretty sure it’s a bug, based on Nirvelle’s reaction when we told him.

Hope it’s not because it gives us the option to choose the second challenge if first one is meh

Shady Salesman reset 5 minutes ago, bringing this new challenge

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Another day, another challenge


Another new one today :slight_smile:

chaotic energies

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And another new DA challenge! And we now know for sure that the challenge reset timer was bugged, as today’s patch fixed it so that it’s at the same time as the DA reset. The Shady Salesman will despawn 20 mins before the reset so you can’t pay for the buff then not have enough time to complete a normal run.

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Definitely risking some hubris but today’s Challenge (Chaotic Energies repeated) the 1 extra effect made them easier cause they were too busy casting stuff to hurt me

E12 -> 9 glyph, 17 talisman fragmens. still no cosmetics here.

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Haha, it’s just got a very wide spread, yesterday I got 18 from non-challenge E12. I’m probably gonna move to doing E13 non-challenge and E12 on harder challenges soon.

Well, the actual amount of mof is worth it for 2 extra loot right now if that’s what it is (seems to be more like a random 0-4 extra), but also I don’t care about mof, I’m just paying for a chance at cosmetics.

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With the amount that you can sell Talisman frags for atm, it’s worth the 10k MoF for the extra 30% frags!

The extra fragements from challenges should average out at 1.8+0.3*(Elite Tier)…so 2.1 extra fragments at e1, 4.8 at e10, 6.9 at e17…

I personally do challenges every day for cosmetics chance. I wouldn’t even want more ip right now, before I get my glyphs maxed. So far no luck. :neutral_face:

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For me, frags and cosmetics have low appeal (although evil laugh is cool). And MOFS are just for COOT achieve. But, I find novelty in the variety of challenges themselves. Unfortunately we’ve already had some double-ups in this first week, as is today’s;

  • Challenge timeline: Meteor Shower
    Clusters of meteors will perodically impact near you.

Hoping for a different dark cherry tomorrow…

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Yeah, the double ups weren’t deliberate, just an issue where the challenges weren’t changing over when they were meant to, so you could get the same challenge on two different days (rather than the same challenge being randomly selected two days in a row).

  • -30% damage dealt
  • Meteor shower
  • 2 fewer lives
  • no sprint and damage over time
  • 4 mins less time
  • random bosses with an extra ability each
  • bosses deal 30% more damage

I believe those 7 are all of the challenges that we’ll get for now. They may add more later, but for now that’s what we’ve got. 7’s a nice range to randomise from, there’s enough variety to keep it interesting :slight_smile: