The Cursed Wall

Give a warning when someone is too close to the Death Wall, or get damaged when they try to walk through it.


The response I’m sure will be something along the lines of “It’s green so you can see it”

But yes, a Proximity popup would be swell.

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I wish they would just switch it so that it starts doing damage over time (which ignores god mode) to you, something like 10% of your max health per second.


Umm, it is a big green glowing wall?..Maybe you should pay attention to their surroundings.LOL


Some people might think green means safe.

LOL, not after they walk into it for the first time. A mistake I made once…just once.


Umm, it is a big green glowing wall?..Maybe you should pay attention to their surroundings.LOL

… yep. there’s the response you expect.

It’s not that green and up close it’s not always clear where it is, especially if you’re visually impaired. Thanks for being an ass.


Wow! The children continue to rule this forum. LOL Blocked another forthright, pernicious fact…Boo Hoo…There really needs to be a tissue box icon here. Again, thank you for proving my point. This game has a lot of emasculated and gutless players that should really stick to the single player or PVE. Those modes are built specifically for those personalities. Boy, you “reporters” really are in for a shock in life.

Not being an ■■■. You’re just too lazy to learn the game and where you can go.

Why do so many wimpy people play this game, then when they can’t beat something blame the game and demand a nerfs or buffs.

Oh, I can’t see the wall and walked into it. Okay, so now you know not to go there. There are also MASSIVE fence posts around the map that generate the wall. Don’t go passed them. Learn the game and be aware of your surroundings.

Oh, I can’t defend against Gods they’re OP…STFU, everyone can summon them, everyone can defend against them. There is only one person you need to even kill during a God attack. And that NPC is VERY vulnerable. Players are just too lazy to do what it takes.

Any other things players want handed to them? Perhaps get rid of making me gather supplies. I should automatically just be able to build things like magic.

Maybe so many things aren’t broken. Maybe some players just suck at the game.

You know how you get better? Play more, make mistakes and learn from them.

99.9% of players make the Cursed Wall mistake once. If you do it more than once, you might be special.


lol, that just sounds funny.

Imagine hordes of Exiles running into the wall because “green” somehow implies safe.

When logically, you should be treating anything as unsafe in the Exiled Lands, regardless of color.


Amen. Hey, there is a green dragon in Unnamed City. I should pet it. It’s green. Lol.


Green wall is almost invisible when you are swimming underwater in the Jungle… there is glare everywhere.

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Seriously? Again? You really are children here. You report this post too? You should not be playing this game if comments as simple as this hurt your feelings. As a mater of fact, you may want to lock yourself in your house as the rest of the world doesn’t care about your feelings.

Jebus where are you swimming that you hit a wall? Lol Do you not know how to use the map? Don’t swim off the map. Wall water problem solved.

Seriously, that is very difficult to do and why would you even be swimming there? Lol

Again, first time - ouch. Don’t do that again. If you do it again, you may be special. Lol

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There should be a danger area on your map to make sure you’re not too close to it. Right now it’s just a map with blood stains.

We gathered Gold from underwater chests and my clanmate swam the wrong way. Under water you look at your breath level, not at the map.


Why should the Exiles get their hands held like that?

The Exiled Lands are a harsh place. If you can’t learn from your mistakes, you sort of deserve death.

If you are going to hang out around the map edges, learn to be careful, or suffer the consequences.


I started the game new just like everyone else. When I first encountered it. I was like “I am an exile. Which means I am in prison.”

Never once did I even think to try an pass through it.

Also. It borders the map where nothing is. So it just make sense that we would die.

I didnt need have a popup.

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a extra-diegetic pop-up would not be the ideal solution, could break imersion a bit, but i could totaly go with the cursed wall making a loud humming noise when getting real close to it, that would make a sense of danger.


I guessed what the green wall was as soon as I found it. Of course I was exploring the limits of the playable area. And even though I guessed what would probably happen, I tried to pass through it. For science.

Another hypothesis proven correct. Another victory for science.


who’s here to relate this fact if the scientist that made this discover die doïn it xD

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Yes! This humming noise scared me when I first came near the Summoning Place. It looks like there is something deadly, not just a bunch of Darfaris. It would be better to hum near a really dangerous object.

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