The Dev Kit of Conan Exiles

I do not know if this is the place, but I was curious and I downloaded the conan exiles development kit, only I do not understand everything, and I would like to know if anyone could 'help.

I would like to take a look at the world of Conan Exiles, only I do not know how to access it, someone from Conan told me that it was in: Levels / Conan Sandbox, and I have loaded something (a camp) unfortunately I have not seen any change, no desert, no jungle, nothing, just a flat land with icons on it …

Any ideas ?

The Wiki is a good place to start:
Others will also help here, I’m certain.

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There is also a discord for modders


Invalid invitation for Discord, and sorry for the delay.

Finally the Discord is not necessary, i have find a solution in the wiki, Thanks Weylund, AlrenStorm !

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@Pierre24 Try this one.

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