The DiStUrBeD no0bs Conan Server -PVE 24 hour PVP (relaxed)

The Disturbed noobs is a gaming clan that has been together for over 15 years. That doesn’t mean much, however what it means for you is that we are running a relaxed server and have been since the beginning of early access.

None of the mods are meant to be op, just quality of life. We really would like to justify the server cost due to most of our members moving on to other games.

There are many lore-situational quests and gear friendly quests the admin has created.

Settings: Mobs are a bit tougher than vanilla. Crafting is faster, harvesting is faster, and xp varies. sometimes it is x2 other times just normal. Combat xp is king! Crafting times are slightly faster than vanilla as well.

One important thing: There is no corpse run, I personally have hated them since everquest. Still, your body does remain in game when you log off.

It gets lonely in the desert join us?

There is one rule, don’t be a jerk. This encompasses, cheating, exploiting and abusive harassment. Admin abuse is not tolerated, unless one of these issues is happening with a player. Then, well we have wonderful ways of dealing with it.