The Emperor's review of 3.0

Emperor Ming’s Journey to the Exiled Lands

After a long battle, the barbarian Flash Gordon believed to have defeated Emperor Ming the undefeatable.

What a fool!

The Emperor managed to escape his doomed kingdom in a secret escape pod to a nearby underdeveloped planet, which he named New Mongo.
There, he started to rebuild his empire. And it was glorious!

With his ring of mind control, he quickly subdued the uncivilized people of New Mongo.
With his superior knowledge, he quickly recreated palaces, the laboratories, the arenas he had lost.
With his unparalleled intellect, he managed to master the primitive fighting styles of the New Mongonians.

Many things in New Mongo were similar to his previous realm.
He quickly learned that a rival emperor, a princeling called Toth Amon, had acquired a ring quite similar to his own.
An apparent reincarnation of Flash Gordon, a brute called Conan, roamed the land.
But he’d defeat all of them!

With new technology, new systems, without many of the errors of the old ways, the Emperor would rebuild his empire - bigger, better, more glorious!


Now all we need is a soundtrack by Queen.


Can do:

However, we cannot provide the amount of Spandex required to truely recreate the 80ies.


Holy S**t…you really did create Emperor Ming!


This is the greatest post in forum history


I agree with every fibre :joy:


I’m getting some ‘unfortunately I’m the high king of Skyrim’ vibes here (that’s high praise!)

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