The game is ok for a beta

Yes, i like the game. A lot of new stuff here and there. For an early beta its in a good shape, but for early access or release there is a LOOOOOOOOOOT to do. Mainfeatures are not working, server lags (because of spying software maybe), tons of logical errors, bad balancing in EVERY way?!? simplest stuff, other games using for decades are not working, the UI looks sometimes like the development interface with just variables as names far away from rollplaying (eg slaves are turned by “burning” soup?!?), sometimes it feels like the development hate their jobs.
But for an early beta it’s ok.

My question is, when does the release starts? And how mutch will it cost?

in love Budbha

I’m sorry, but I think you’re on the wrong forums.
I think you’re talking about Conan Exiles?
You should go here:



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