The Gilt, The Craft and the Lie achievement in Conan Exiles?

I have a couple friends who have The Gilt, The Craft and the Lie achievement in Conan Exiles trophy keeping them from getting 100% completion. What’s going on with this?? Will flawless and exceptional items return to the crafting table, will there be a patch to give everyone the trophy, what’s the deal??(Removing it from players list would be unfair) Kinda frustrated about this. It’s been going on for a while.

There’s also Tower of the Elephant, which as far as I know is literally impossible to achieve without another human player since enemies don’t take fall damage or, more on point, damage from heavy things landing on them. Leaves single player individuals out in the cold.

What if you just don’t have PS+ and can’t play online?

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Don’t be frustrated, go do the Dregs dungeon on EL and craft abysmal daggers:

Then you have not tried everything the game has to offer to consider it complete e.g. the multiplayer mode :thinking:

Would multiplayer even be possible without an online pass? :thinking:

Tried the abysmal daggers but no luck.

The Steam achievement is to put a crafter thrall in a crafting station. Not sure when it changed but maybe the psn trophy will also change when your patch lands on the 27th.

Nope that’s a separate trophy on psn aswell.

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