The Gilt, The Craft and the Lie is Unobtainable

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Speaks for itself really, since Flawless and Exceptional items have been removed the achievement is unobtainable and thus this game is not able to be 100% complete on steam. perhaps a simple fix could be to allow Epic tiered items could be a requirement to unlock this trophy/achievement? I think this should of really been explored before the decision was taken to remove them. certainly if any journey steps or achievement progression is tied to it, this along with the mummy of the ring only shows poor foresight, bad decision making and possibly lack of direction. can we have things in the game that are intended to work properly as you are now toting this game as complete when this clearly is not the case, how you can offer a DLC when you haven’t even finished developing the base game is unfathomable and design choice you make which could be avoided like this for example show that you simply do not care! pretty terrible when you are offering 11 DLC’s because it not only shows that you do not care but that the only thing to which you do care about is money.

If you spent as much time looking as complaining and insulting people you would have this unlocked as these items are still in the loot table in multiple places and lets you unlock this.

If Funcrom spent half as much time fixing things as they spend dreaming up new ways to screw us then we would not be nearly as furious.

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yeah right, criticism is not complaining please remember that! if you actually stopped to check you’ll see none of these items are still in the loot table! so please direct me to where i can unlock this, the way the game or the devs didn’t intend.

genuinely i’d love to know which loot table it’s in so if you have that information please be much more fourth coming as 9i have with the bug report and a potential fix. again also some criticism but it’s truly unfathomable how this wasn’t discussed before taking that decision, once again, the same with the mummy of the ring. why after 4 years is a vital part of the journey steps, unobtainable, simple reason is, they don’t care, however they do care about the 11 dlc’s that where released long before a “completed” has been completed…

an actual answer rather than an opinion would be very welcomed, clearly i am conversing with the likes of children.

For the mummy of the ring, spawn it in with an admin command.

but that is not my question though is it, more of a statement about how that still hasn’t properly been implemented after 4 years despite being toted as a complete game by offering a DLC that is external from the original map, nevermind the 10 other DLC’s. my question and bug report is about The Gilt, The Craft and the Life being unobtainable due to those items no longer existing. which from a rational perspective seems rather easy to avoid given the suggestion i have already put fourth. how hard is it to think about what you’re changing before you do so?

the main point is that it is easily avoidable given some thought prior but the clear intention wasn’t for quality otherwise we would of had that by a main journey step being completed after four years as well as an achievement that should be pretty easy to unlock isn’t made unobtainable by the removal of such items, at the very least when those items are removed perhaps the best thought like i have already mentioned is to replace that requirement with a epic or a legendary quality item? i mean that’s more than reasonable but clearly that decision wasn’t made for some very strange reason.

Craft the weapons from the dregs:



this worked thank you

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