The Golden GRACE Awards: Tier 2 - VOTING IS NOW CLOSED!



Hello Secret Worlders!

Today we have released The Golden GRACE Awards - The “Gift of Recognition & Acknowledgement in Creative Excellence”.

The idea behind it is to honor the game and the people on the development team who have worked hard on it for the last year. This event is brought to you by Meta-Moth and Beyond the Veil podcast as part of a Community wide Megaversary. More details on that to follow, but it’s exciting!

“We were given wings for our choices in game - now it’s time for us to give them theirs.”

Please read onward for more information on both Tiers of the awards - nominations and voting.

During the nominations stage, you have nominated your 1 (one) overall favourite in each of the categories.


Voting on the shortlist will be open from the 21st of June and will close at midnight EDT on the 28th of June 2018.

Top 5 nominated in each category during the nominations stage have been included in this Tier 2 - Voting stage. In an effort to be as fair as possible, ties for any of the first 5 places have been included in this Tier of voting as well, hence more than 5 choices for some categories.

The voting categories are split into two groups - Team Design & Individual Contributions.
Please choose your 1 (one) overall favourite in each of the categories.

Ready to vote?
Please click on the link below!

The Golden GRACE Awards: Tier 2 - FINAL VOTING

This form is not mandatory. If you would like to put forward your nominations, please continue below. These nominations are in every way anonymous and in no way ask for any personal (sensitive) information. If you would like to contact the conductors of this event for more information - please send an e-mail to

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The Golden GRACE Awards: Tier 2 - VOTING CLOSED!
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Great idea for a contest… I get to review all my favourite bits of the game!


But will you and Jac come to a consensus?


We’re still negotiating…


This is harder than Nightmare Cost of Magic set in a scrap yard with a flaming laser maze and red circle AOE’s chasing you


Yeah, it is super hard to pick favorites, there is so much good stuff in the game. For dungeons I love the Anhk for Klein and his ridiculous voice acting and all the fun insta-death mechanics that keep all players on their toes. On the other hand I love the Facility for the forlorn Halina, the interesting fights, and the general vibe.

For that matter do I vote for Kelin for male voice acting? Daimon Kiyota? John? Hayden Montag?

Kirsten Geary seems like the obvious choice for female voice acting but what about Lilith or Cassie or Madame Roget? AARGH

The only really easy choice for me was favorite cut scene. There are so many shocking cut scenes, scenes that are emotional or that rock our perceptions of the game and the story. Those are amazing and what make the story of the game really come alive. That said, there is only one set of missions I actually sit and watch the cutscenes every time, and they never get old - the Innsmouth Academy ones. The banter between Annabell Usher, Hayden Montag and Carter never ceases to make me smile. So I put down The Faculty.

Usher: So, this could get worse? Before it gets better?
Montag: Oh, no. I shouldn’t think it would get better.

Antida thank yall for making me sweat bullets while I thought over these questions.


Only 3 days left to nominate your favourites folks!

Nominate them now:


Reminder: Voting for Tier 1 closes tonight at Midnight EDT.
Tier 2 will open up on the 21st.


Voting for Tier 1 has officially closed.



Cast your votes now: The Golden GRACE Awards: Tier 2 - VOTING




puts on “I Voted!” pin


Voting is now closed, thank you all for participating!
Stay tuned for the awards ceremony on the 1st @