The Golden Reach [PvE-Lite RP] [No building limits] [LGBTQ+ Friendly)

Golden Reach (PvE/PvP/Lite RP)

Our community:
The Golden Reach is a relaxed PvE server with optional RP and PvP areas that offers custom dungeons, events, and more. Players from all walks of life are encouraged to join - new or veteran players. With our lax ruleset players have the creative freedom to build how they see fit without putting a damper on their creativity. Join us today to conquer and slay your way.

What we offer:
:world_map: Seamless travel system.
:house: No building limits. Your imagination is your only limit.
:coin: Player market & custom vendors.
:crossed_swords: Custom dungeons and quests.
:man_beard: In depth character creation.
:game_die: Gambling den for unique rewards and prizes.
:christmas_tree: Christmas questline.

➣IQOL➣EEWA ➣Emberlight ➣Exiles extreme ➣Barbarian barber ➣Beyond mods ➣Stacksize plus ➣Better thralls ➣Cass… (View our modlist for the full list of mods)

◉Server info:
Connection info:
■ Dedicated server in the United States
■ Map: The Exiled Lands
■ PvE (With optional PvP areas)
■ Fast thrall conversion rates
■ Balanced day/night cycle
■ No decay or drop on death
■ Level boost & starting kit
■ Automatic updates & backups
■ Monthly giveaways
:rainbow_flag: LGBTQ+ friendly :transgender_flag:

Discord: Golden Reach [PvE & Lite RP]
Modlist: Steam Workshop::Golden Reach's PVE modlist


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Krampus is visiting the Golden Reach this year and is offering players a holiday quest.

Decorated town for the Holidays.