The HIVE Gaming Community - Conan Exiles XBOX Server PVE

Hello! The HIVE Gaming Community is a full blown multi-game community with a dedicated Conan Exiles PVE Server (EU). We have many players from all over the world. The community as a whole is fun and helpful, a place you can call home!

You can find us on our discord inside the server MOTD or searching for TheHiveHQ where we all converge to talk about Conan and come together as a server and more!

To find us go to play online, PVE then just search for “HIVE” in the server name search box. Full server name is The Hive PVE

Server Slot: 20
Experience: 4x
Gathering: 4x
Thrall Breaking: 1.5x
Pet Taming: 1.5x
Purge Level: 6

Come join the community for Conan and fun friendly people! Server has been around a while and there’s many established people to play with, learn from, and generally have some fun.


Hope to see you there!!!