THE JUNGLE and its flaws

Iv been around in the jungle and i need to say i find it anoying how spread out common resorces are not a lot of stone at some places iron is only in the souther and some coal in the norther area of it. there are 0 caves in the jungle so mabe you can add those where to find iron coal and stone. i just mean the jungle is lacking in resorces compare to other area’s

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I agree that the jungle does seem to lack much of interest. Some highlights include: chests of gold and silver if you know where to look, volatile glands from salamanders and fur and thick leather from gorillas. Oh and the religion trainer I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing

Would be nice if some of the npcs dropped steel like in the north. And yes a dungeon or two would also be good.

Then again, the snow biome is also somewhat lacking. No thralls to be had is the biggest downer. There’s the frost temple in the west, but that’s about it. Star metal is mostly got from around skyfall ridge, so the doesn’t seem to be much point visiting the other places.

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