The last 3 update?

Ok so the first one you guys broke the game and we could not get on the new map for about 24 hours. The second one you fixed a little bit of what you broke and we are able to get back on the map. This last update you fixed the legendary weapons? BUT when you look in the background it’s still White? I could go on with other things that you could have fixed before fixing the legendary boxes, maybe focus on the other stuff that really needs to be fixed and leave the boxes As a treat for the community? But we get it it’s going to be another 6 months before anything is really fixed

Surely it’s not going to take them 6 months to fix the WHITE backgrounds, climbing bug, and disappearing randomly dying thralls bug is it?

:rofl: how long have you been playing Conan? Because obviously you haven’t been through any updates every update they break the game and every time it takes them months to fix it

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I understand the frustration of seeing what seem like incidental and unimportant fixes happening while more serious issues often have to wait.

I believe usually this happens because the minor bug is much easier to replicate and fix.

I know that this information probably doesn’t help or make it less frustrating to wait for important fixes but I think it is the most likely answer the questions of why it happens

Maybe just 2 or 3 months now, so yeah, no, this is my first experience of the game being broken by an update.

I’m still rather boggled I’ve downloaded around 60gig of data, and the only thing it seems to have added is a ton of bugs that make the game unplayable, and a big chonky shield on my back that I don’t like the look of and switch off.

Is that it then now? Basically the game is going to have these huge ugly glaring WHITE backgrounds forever now?

How much easier to reproduce than login and just look around 360 degrees does it need to be?


That’s why I said replicate and fix, rather then just replicate. It’s a two part process and some fixes are just far more difficult than others

I wish the stuff was fixed too, I’m just trying to answer the OPs question as best as i could

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I’d also add that it’s less about priorities and more about when something got reported - the chest bug and voidforge bow were being quite heavily complained about when the patch came out on PC, so Funcom probably started work on those issues then, and the fix was pretty much ready by the time the patch hit consoles. Whereas the (more serious) issues currently afflicting consoles couldn’t be reported yet, because no one knew about them yet… Combine that with these being a couple of very minor changes that probably required very little work, versus figuring out why the entire background has gone white (but hasn’t on PC, with the same base code) and then figuring out how to fix it, it’s quite easy to see why these minor changes were made but the important fixes haven’t been yet. They’ve been reported, and Funcom has said they are working on them - they’ll get there, we just don’t know how long it will take.

Has anybody else noticed that you can walk up to the Box and see what weapon is in it still? so if you don’t want to waste your key on a weapon don’t worry about it, cuz you can see what weapons in the Box🤣

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It doesn’t matter tho, because apparently skeleton keys are no longer consumed upon opening a chest.

So, enjoy this new bug? :slight_smile:

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