The mystery of the unuseable warpaint, the tale of disappearing bodies, and salty tannery surprise

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [N/A]

Okay, so warpaint is bugged and cannot be used, the prompt doesn’t come up to use it; also I am sure you are aware thralls are not regenerating at all, I even put them by some dancers and it does nothing, also there is a disappearing body bug where on death the body is just gone also if you accidentally climb while dragging a thrall it makes the thrall disappear.
Oh, it’s no biggie but would you consider making salt work as fuel for tanning? It is a legitimate alternative in the real world so you don’t have to mess with drop rates, just a idea we had.
Hope this bug report is read promptly and put int the next patch really enjoy the game :slight_smile: so keep improving! :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make warpaint attempt to apply
    2.die from extreme heights or near buildings
    3.climb while dragging thralls

Dont forget the gods only petting bases doing close to zero damage, appearantly no one cares so this my last mention about it "/

Also thralls like to drop through foundations and other building… stuff… Which is kinda related to bodies disappearing.

And yup, known issues. Reported many times…

Wonder which is easier to get… Salt or Bark, personally found more bark. Pickaxe meet tree.

You can convert stone to salt with the grinder. So… Relatively easy-ish compared to how lucky you are with bark farming.

I had the idea, why can’t you use a skinning knife on trees for bark, seems to make video game sense… I mean bark is like skin for trees, right?

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I feel as much as the warpaint bug has been mentioned they should at least make a statement of when it’ll be fixed

There’s your statement.

Warpaint will be updated with the parity patch, which is coming very soon. We’ve update the spawn rate of Lemurian (Derketo) priests, but it’s not out on live yet. Stat potions should also be updated in the parity patch. Blockquote

I can confirm it doesn’t work on PS4 post Parity Patch.

Indeed, Warpaints are still not working. Please fix this, it is needed for a chapter in the “journey.”

It’s actually stated in patch notes that warpaint and infinite stamina glitch wasn’t fixed. it was in theirs roadmap but something went wrong

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