All thrall become gerald from rivia

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

All thralls become white with white hair the stats continue to work, and i notice the T died body continue to happen guys

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log out
2.log in the next day on north near of vulcano
4.especific in crystaline Chasm

It is not unusual for crafting thralls to do that off and on. Has happened since beginning of the game. It will go back to normal. You will find thralls on your wheel of pain doing that also fortunately they still do their job

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Hello @LilkingsBr, that’s the default thrall model that takes place while until the thrall is fully loaded, does it persist if you stay in the area and is it happening if you login in your base?

Regarding the T pose, does it happen right after you kill or when returning to a corpse?

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Whenever I return to dead bodies, they are usually t posed aswell but I honestly don’t mind, if anything I get a good laugh out of it, The funniest thing is if you kill a bearer thrall and there head comes off, it will roll with the bearer pack and it will keep rolling in and out of the ground.

Yeah, I have seen the bearer back head thing. It can be funny also when you come back and bodies are floating mid air like they were in a martial arts freeze frame!

Is there any way to leave our workers this way and not the full load. Plus if you can convince the creators the default look of the workers to look like Monica Bellucci i will own you a lifetime :joy::joy::joy:.

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