Thralls Appearing VERY Incorrectly After Breaking!

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug Misc]
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I think I heard of this one waaay back now. I dont even know what to refer to it as other than wrong on numerous levels. I have never experienced this first hand previously. Ok lets try to explain it. I captured a T4 Set Priest at the Set Shrine in Sepermeru (woohoo!) named ‘Hoshun the Fang’. She appeared as an attractive, young, dark to olive skinned female. Cool right? So I dragged her home and put her on the Wheel of Pain, then waited for her to break. All good so far. When the process had finished, I took her out, and over to my T3 Set Shrine. However, upon removing the former High Priest and placing Hoshun in it, I was horrified. It seems that Hoshun the Fang had transformed into an old caucasian male, with long grey hair with his junk out! Yep naked as the day he was born. Disturbing, and very disenchanting. A little help?

Can anyone tell me Hoshuns named so that I csn spawn her in on the Admin Panel? I couldnt find her name listed… @Barnes or @Wak4863 maybe?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Capture a T4 Set Priest
  2. Place her on the Greater Wheel of Pain
  3. Place them on a T3 Set Shrine
  4. Behold the transformstion

The ugly old dude is the “basic human model” that thralls occupy in the world. If, for instance, there is desync, or a thrall is glitched, or if it is removed from the game outright it will become this basic shade model.

On my official server I once posted “there are entirely too many Hoshuns up in this piece” because one could pretty much hit Sep for him every other visit. I personally have only seen him as a male and possess many of them on official. I’ll look in my vaults later and try to get him to my shrine for a screenie.

On this valuable resource by @WhatMightHaveBeen, Hoshun’s no longer listed. And when I try to spawn him via admin, he’s not there anymore. I think he used to be rather generically Relic_Hunter_Priest_4_Stygian, but now only the Zamorian exists in Admin, or Amn’Ut The Blessed.

It looks as though he/she is no longer spawned in the game.


@Barnes Covered this nicely I have nothing beneficial to add.

Edit: This is the correct spawn ID RelichunterPriest_Boss

But you shouldn’t be worried about the look with the white haired dude it will correct itself once it syncs correctly.


Great catch, thanks! Good to see he’s still in the game, and the same as I remember. ETA: after spawning about a dozen it appears there’s a greater than 25% chance you’ll get a female version.

I will follow up later on the ones I possess that pre-date June of 2019.


It looks like all the ones I have are male, but I did work Sep pretty well tonight and presto:

We’ll see how she looks in the morning. I know it’s PC, but it’s a reference!

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Probably because he (or she) drops a legendary weapon :wink:


The gender reveal is pink.


Thanks a bundle for the replies and testing here @Barnes and @Wak4863. Much obliged. There are some parts of your replies which I dont understand and may need to clarify. Denoted with the * character.

Its funny you should say that, because this was the first and only time I have EVER seen him/her, or for that matter any T4 Set Priest. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw what looked to be a downright sexy Stygian one (much RP value). So you can imagine my frustration and above all bewilderment when this occurred.

*So does this mean Hoshun has been removed, and I shouldnt have been able to obtain her in the first place?

Awesome! Thanks for that Wak. I will try it as soon as I can next play.

*What do you mean by ‘syncs correctly’ here? I have no idea what that means.

Thanks for all that labour and testing there Barnes, you didnt have to go to all that trouble.

Ok so now the question at hand is what may caused ‘her’ to do this on me? And is there a way to remedy it, or should I just Admin myself a new one?

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The gender reveal was blue for me. Here ‘she’ is in all of her ‘glory’. I decided for both our sakes to make sure that certain…properties were not visible in the picture.


Are you playing solo or online? They may react differently. Online from time to time you will see a white haired dude holding the place of the thrall. Once your game downloads all the correct data they appear properly. In your case a female Hoshan the fang.

If you’re playing solo the save may not be correct. I don’t know but if you have admin rights as stated above and it hasn’t fixed itself I would spawn one in and place it.

You may have found a bug that only affects solo.


That was prior to Wak’s having found him/her in the Admin Panel. I had been previously convinced Hoshun was named under the same convention as all the other priests, so when the Stygian variety was missing from my list I made a bad assumption. Hoshun is definitely in the game.

That right there is a classic case of permanent desync. At the very least this model should have on a Set Mask. In my opinion what has happened is that between the breaking in the wheel, and your retrieval of her, she was somehow mis-coded. Because the system cannot retrieve her corresponding skin/mesh, it represents her as the basic underlying model for all human NPCs.


I am purely an Offline Singleayer Wak4863. I dont even have PS Plus.

Since the cause lies with a bug, and I spent so long searching for one. I generally only cheat either to A correct bugs, or B explore the Outer Rim.

I do hope so. She was the first T4 Set Priest I have encountered to date. I actually just had that Tom Petty song 'The waiting is the hsrdest part run through my head when I read this. I may just Admin a Replacement. I heard that Hoshun also has a unique weapon too people, can anyone confirm this?

I take it that this would likely be an isolated incident Barnes? This was my first such incident, and curiously she was the first thrall since I finally upgraded to the Greater Wheel of Pain.

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I’ll double down on that.


I have already checked on ‘her’ after a server restart, but she is still a liberated long grey-haired male hippie. I will check it once or twice more before I discard it.

Awesome. I will try to obtain them. However, as previously stated, that was the first and only time I have ever seen Hoshun on my game. In fact, I used to openly mock that area with statements such as: “Ooo what will be here today? Oh look a T1 Set Priest” or “Whoa a High Priest, were going all out today!”. So image my shoch when I saw Hoshun (and subsequent disappointment post breaking). :laughing:


It appears that I am not the only person having this issue. My lady is also having thralls appear in their Basic Human Model, ie-generic old man state. These images were taken from her profile earlier.

I would also like to ask if anyone here happens to know the spawn codes for the two aforementioned thralls (pictured above) and also Enis Ironwrought, who endured the same outcome?

PS- just a note that Hoshun did NOT begin appear correctly at any point after I reported this. So I decided to cut my loses and her…him in the Desert and try again.


This follows directly on from my previous post about Hoshun the Fang not reverting to her previous female Stygian form after a certain amount of time had elapsed. Well on the plus side, look at what I encountered on my very next trip to Sepermeru! :smiling_imp: :metal:

I guess she couldnt resist my charms. Or perhaps more accurately the numerous blows from a Steel Truncheon to the head. She is now undergoing Croms_Faithful’s patented re-education program.


Tragic! Those are two of my favorites, and on PC I can tell you Dierdre is alive and beautiful. Just placed her two nights ago, and last night she was just as expected. Her counterpart, Frigga Falsehope, is another stunner. These are both Exile Archer 4s. I can’t look them up right now, but I think one is a Nord and the other is a Cimm.

I have several Senks but they’re in the vault for when I have a jungle base. Thus no visual reference other than ones I spawn elsewhere. Senk is another Exile, Entertainer 4.


before tryin too much stuff, try getting far away enough that the cache forgets and reloads em where they are, or exiting to main menu from that far away. 8]

Thank you! Don’t know why I thought the gals were archers.

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I had not yet encountered Deidre myself, however I captured Frigga Falsehope in a Purge, in addition to seeing her in Sinners Refuge on a number of occasions. Very aesthetically pleasing, unlike most of the T4 women I have captured. Dalinsia is an exception however. Although I think my personal favourite far is one which @Zeb knows well…Ladagara Daughter of Ymir. Oh to have here decorating my base…

Another one I had not encountered. In fact the ONLY T4 Dancer I have encountered thus far is Luba the Luscious. Is Senk a female by default? I did not witness her capture.