T4 thralls keep turning into old men

Anyone else getting this? I hunt for hours to get the perfect thralls to defend my base just to have them turn into old men every time I come home. Last I checked, Freya is not 65 with grey hair and a beard. This has happened at least 10 times. What makes it worse is that they are frozen and I cannot interact with them. Meaning, all of the gear I put on them is also gone. I was told that Funcom can’t do anything unless I go through the forums so here we are. I hope I can get some kind of help with this because it really is unfair that whatever I work for can be taken away from me for no reason. The items (food, tools, weapons, etc.) that go randomly missing are one thing, but all my t4 thralls being taken away?? Really frustrating. PLEASE HELP. I have read about all the bugs and glitches and am really trying to not dislike this game, but things like this make it very difficult. I do have screenshots of the problem upon request.


Hey there,

We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues. Could you let us know if this problem happens while playing offline, online in an official server or in a private one?
Does this issue persist when you move far away from your thralls and then come back, or also after waiting a bit of time in your game?

Thank you for the reply. I play single player offline. I have tried a scientific method for figuring out what is causing this issue but it is so random that my variables don’t seem to add up. I thought it was due to: major rebuilding or reconstruction, moving a thrall that had been placed for a while, sitting in a chair for too long, or anything like this that could potentially initiate a glitch. But at one point it feels like i can’t even play the game without being punished.


Thank you, Cka3ka for taking the time to write. It was all very interesting to read; I knew nothing about these changes. All I can hope for is that perhaps my complaint was recognized by the right people and that magical patch, as you say, will hit in the future. It’s a shame because if so many people are upset with the state of the game I’d like to think it means we actually care enough to see it fixed. Now… my night will be spent trying to place an armored animal pen. Which means I will have to jump, do a front snap kick, roll, and pray to the Gods of Conan Exiles that it actually allows me to find enough ground to put it down. Looking forward to all my rhinos and tigers and bears turning into old grey men.

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Thralls on the wheel of pain started changing to older grey hair guys way back. At first I thought that they were mimicking my character at the time Lol. Sometimes others such as bald. I mainly play online several servers

Thanks for the additional information, we’ve updated the report and sent it to our team :slight_smile:

I just signed in after reading your reply and it happened again. After being spawned drowning in water, which I assure you is NOT where I left my character, I noticed three more thralls have turned into old men with grey hair: Freya, a t3 dancer, and a t3 bearer. I also lost my torturer table and thrall pot completely. I’m sorry… was that a smiley face emoji you sent me? I’m glad you’re happy with the status of what is happening to your players, because I assure you that I most certainly am not. I’m going to need something a little more substantial than, “we sent it to our team.”

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UPDATE: from the time I wrote my last post to the time I’m writing this one, the home that I built has been completely overrun with items that have not spawned in months. There are palm trees growing OUT OF my map room, bushes on my walls, rocks through my foundations, panthers and alligators wandering around… are you serious with this game? I’m out. I am totally and completely out. And when I say I am out, I don’t mean I am just not playing this game again. I mean there is no way I will ever buy any product that is related to this company in any way. You are a the modern day LJN and the angry video game nerd would have an absolute field day with you. I hope this final post stands as a warning for all others about the lack of care you obviously have for your product.


Very sorry you run into all those issues and the game obviously caused a lot of frustration for you.
We from the community team are your voice back to the developers and we are informing them about issues. We’re also reporting back if we already are aware of the issues which was done in your case.

We really do appreciate reports and we will always let you know if we have more information about a specific issue. In this case, there is no additional info for us to add other than, we are indeed aware and it’s being looked into.

I hope you enjoy whatever game you decide to play next and will be closing this thread as it seems everything has been said.