The Neebs Conan series is back!

For all those that remember the Neebsgaming channel and their epic funny Conan exiles videos it looks they are finally back.


Thanks @Deamo! I will watch it 100%. Hope this time they did a better job, i didn’t enjoy their first video series a lot, they did way better with other games.

They seem to like ARK and 7days far more. Waiting to see what happens when the game changes, they weren’t that far in to this when it happened.

Never take their vids as instructional, it’s all for entertain meant.
They used to have a Conan server but it went down due to… I can’t recall, one person trying a run a bunch of servers. There is an unofficial one up in their discord though.


I lmao with their forest (1) series. Plus another game that you’re in the raft and you fish material from the sea they were fantastic.
They really did a good job in game. When i visit Den i give a couple minutes to listen “allergic to fire”. Yea i like the dudes. Just their main video was just ok, that’s all. I believe however that now that they have more material in game they’ll do something better. Let’s see.

I hope they discover their references in the game can’t wait to see their reaction.

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