Currently exiled exiles, which games are you going to play this weekend?

So me myslef already gave up the hope that my account is gonna be restored anytime soon, so now it’s the time to aim on another game for this weekend and next week.

Do you “banned” guys already have some backup plan? I still can’t make up my mind about the next game, cause I was all hype for the tavern addition.

Share your backup (not only gaming) options :slight_smile:

Also do you think you are going to go back to Conan anytime soon, even after your issue with BAN is solved? I can say for myself, that if another game catches me hard, then I am not going to give a damn next few months.

There was a Conan RP server starting a new season today, that I very much wanted to play on. I guess that will have to wait now.

I don’t know what I will do, though I did just pick up the game ITORAH off GOG and will probably play that on my TV computer system.

I was really looking forward to hopping on that RP server though.

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