The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

Why are you comparing that Bad enough that you have to experience something like that. Conan is a game, getting excited about it doesn’t help. .

Hey there,

Quick update:
A fix for the neverending loading screen on PVE-C servers has been completed internally and verified, and is currently being targeted for release with Update 2.6. This fix cuts down dramatically on the system that was causing game clients to time out while attempting to join PvE-C servers. While it is difficult to confirm it will fix every single case of this issue, as there are a plenitude of circumstances that could affect this, it does seem to have a possitive impact on most configurations.
There is no ETA yet for the release of 2.6, but once it hits Testlive PC, expect it to be on consoles and PC live in 3 to 4 weeks after that.


Ok I await in eager anticipation :relaxed:, thanks for the update


ganz zufällig… wir sind wieder Nachbarn

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Hey Ignasi,
thanks for the update on the situation. I very much look forward to returning home :house_with_garden: :grinning:.
With the release of 2.6, does that also mean decay times will return to normal on all pvec servers ? @Community @Ignasi
Many thanks

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If we confirm the issue has been resolved for the majority of players affected by it, yes, we will revert decay rates back to normal.


That pleases me. nothing is going on at the moment so we are not online very often. see you for sure on the 3041 …

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Hopefully soon!


I hope this fixes the infinite loading screens we’ve been having for almost an entire year now. It started as infinite loading screens, to us all figuring out we can log in immediately after server reset which was at 5am EST back in November, to now not being able to log in at all. I am interested to see if our buildings decayed or if they have survived this long treacherous road to resolving the issue once and for all. Myself and my peers of 3522 have enjoyed our time away but also suffered in frustration at the same time, we are eager to get back into the game and see how it is now.


Do we have a general time period when 2.6 will come out? @Community


Probably 2022


Which I wouldnt even doubt dude. Which, if February 2022, would make it exactly one whole YEAR since I first reported this issue happening, which is not a small issue by any means… Im sorry, but I cant hold back anymore, its absolutely shameful.


Greetings Exiles, we have a new Message for you, we will never fixit, yeah have a nice day. Thanks for purchasing all products from us.

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As mentioned by ignasi earlier in the topic they have fixed the issue internally and the fix will be included in the next update.

Have a nice day!

“they have fixed the issue internally and the fix will be included in the next update.”

Im sure they greatly appreciate you sticking up for them all the time… But you do realize this is far from the first time Funcom have said that, and thats just for this issue. Not saying people should be “toxic” but Funcom’s behavior and mismanagement need to consistently be called out since they consistently do things like this.



For everyone that missed the dev stream today, the 2.6 update is scheduled to be released on all platforms on the 21st of October 2021.

As mentioned previously this update includes a potential fix for the loading screen issue.

I will be checking all servers, hopefully the issue will be completely resolved, but we will have to wait a week to see the results.

Have a great weekend!


Yeah, was able to make it, the stream itself was mostly about the new DLC just fyi to anyone who is thinking of watching it. Thanks for updating, to add to the update, Ignasis did re-confirm with me in the stream chat that this is still the case.

So hoping it works this time…

And also wont break something else lol



I have no idea if anything I have built prior to this is even still standing, but if this fix works… I’ll guess it’ll be worth checking out.

If I end up nude and back in the desert, I will be vexed.

Unsurprised, but still vexed.

I live in hope.



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I am glad that they did note that console players constitute more than half of the player base and that they want the update schedule to be the same across the board for all users.