The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

what’s with that claim spam? also on 8024. so new players can never start anything

no idea. I also find it impossible. I hope it will be reported and responded to. one has started and everyone else is imitating. there are still great building sites. :grin:

it just has to be reported.

Baraka already founded a base… im joining in later


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One nudist :thinking::thinking:

Decay timers working in 8024?


dont know. wil check in about 30 minutes.

Someone checked the 2041 server?

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So let me get this straight… So I just tried to log into my PVEC server 3828, still cant get in. Fine. But why am I seeing a message now, saying decay timers are now back to normal?

So Funcom, not only have you not fixed the issue, but the only thing that was duct taping it together (pausing decay) is now gone? So what is your plan now? Are we scheduled to receive the fix within the next 6 days? Or are we just the latest casualities of mismanagement?

Seriously would like to know. Thank you. @Community

We are a forgiving community but you shouldnt take that for granted.


The message that the decay timer is double up was shown too. I think that’s only the message but would be nice if someone can confirm this for you. I already lost my base but I know how you feel


Hey, yea Im pretty sure I lost mine too since they delayed on pausing the decay timers in the first place, but ive had that base for so long, I need to confirm its gone or not. So, I may be right there with you… But there are still others who arent in that boat and this will really screw them over. All we get are “thank you for your patience” messages.

But yea, the message i get that pops up says specifically 7 days, sooo idk. I agree itd be nice to get some official confirmation.


In our server discord someone had mentioned the decay timers were going to be back to normal on the 31st.

It would really, really suck if there is nothing we can do to save the multitude of bases we had on our server.

@Community is it possible to have confirmation on if this is the case, and if so, why?


Yea this is what I saw today… If the person in your discord was referring to August 31st then we have even less time than I thought… And from what I can tell, no word from Funcom on the matter…

Im HOPING its just letting everyone know that the summer extension for everyone is over, BUT with Funcom being how they have been lately, itd be nice to have confirmation that this is not going to apply to PVEC.

We assumed they would remember to not let our thralls decay but… They did.

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The message is that decay is on but it is not , decay is not active on pve-c.


Decay is still turned off on all Ps4 PvE-C servers. Unfortunately the server settings also affect Siptah. (So no free decayed loot for you just yet :slightly_smiling_face:)

There have been multiple server messages displayed during the PvE-C downtime but decay timers have remained off.

I have checked EL, and Siptah to confirm.



Decays are still deactivated on the PvE-C servers as stated here:


I think the previous staff that started got new jobs so we have new people…

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Is there a timeline for resolution on decay rates? The servers are cluttered with half built bases from players that quit after a week. It’s very difficult for new players to enjoy PVE-C when almost every decent base location is claimed by a clan that quit months ago. I have a character on 3828. Yes, it sucks I cant access that server, but it’s been years…so I have no attachment to that server any longer.


I literally just went through hurricane Ida the strongest storm to ever hit Louisiana since the 1850’s. Our entire city has damage and I can guarantee we will have our city up and running again faster than funcom can fix our servers.


Why are you comparing that Bad enough that you have to experience something like that. Conan is a game, getting excited about it doesn’t help. .