The new instance I would make for Secret World Legends if I were the most talented developer at Funcom

I know, I know, there’s no need for flattery, there’s a 99% chance that none of those interested will take this thread into consideration, but as they say: hope is the last to die… and then, dreaming is still free, right? You might as well dream big!

The following is an idea for a new daily or weekly instance, of the PvPvE genre, which can be easily integrated into the future plot but which can also be created in the already existing game environment.

This is the initial assumption: somewhere in the game world a dimensional breach opens (could it happen in Congo, as collateral damage from Marquard’s activities, for example?). The map could more or less look like this:

The tear in the texture of reality is a bridgehead for the entry of the Dreaming Ones into the physical world of Gaia: in this region the two forces will fight at the highest levels. It is also a source of great power, which appeals to all beings who are part of the secret world, and in particular to the three factions that dominate it: Templars, Illuminati and Dragons.

Note: Faction PvP mode should ALWAYS be active on this map.

The instance is made up of two main moments: the Clash of the Titans and the Conquest of Power. The first will decide which of the two supernatural forces will prevail, allowing him to temporarily occupy the entire map, influencing the progress of the next phase and determining the type of reward. In the second, the three factions (Templars, Illuminati and Dragons) will have to try to gain control of the Champions or the Guardians of the breach, in order to guarantee themselves the resulting reward.


The fight begins with two megabosses in the center of the map (they could be a Lurking Horror and a gigantic Agarthan Automaton, for example, or a fairy-queen bee as above… whatever the imagination suggests) who face each other until the defeat of one of the two, which can happen by running out of the HP received or based on the damage within a pre-established time interval: the players’ task is to make the chosen boss prevail by attacking the other.

An interesting statistics dynamic could be introduced here, based on the choices players have made when leveling the character. Explanation: if in the storyline the character has made all three choices relating to the Dreaming Ones by rejecting the offers - and therefore obtained the golden wings (or “Celestial”, as they are called in the dressing room) - he receives a 20% attack bonus on Dreamer bosses, on underbosses and mobs, and also on characters who have made the opposite choices (those with black wings). At the same time, however, they suffer a 20% defense debuff from them, and vice versa. Instead, the characters who made mixed choices and obtained the blue Wings (“Unchained”) do not have attack bonuses and debuffs but have a 10% increase in defense towards both other sides.

Once one of the two bosses has won, his power will flow throughout the area, modifying these statistics as well.


Victory of the Dreamers boss:

The breach is open! The dark power is unleashed on the territory like a violent storm, overwhelming everything it encounters… Terrifying creatures emerge from the dimensional abyss: the Champions of the Nightmare, who take up positions on the surrounding hills to defend the rift, ready to spread the dominion of the their deities all over the globe! The territory is rapidly populated by a fauna that seems to have emerged from a psychotic mind, with tentacles, eyes like pits of darkness, multiple drooling mouths bristling with sharp teeth, from which it launches screams that would drive the hardened of men to madness.

The power of the Dreaming Ones, once reached its peak, will affect players’ PvP and PvE statistics as follows:

Characters linked to the victorious boss (Black Wings/Dreamers) retain the 20% attack bonus towards the opposite side, but are no longer subject to the defense debuff. Characters linked to the losing boss (golden wings/Gaia) retain both the bonus and the debuff. For characters with blue wings the defense increase towards the Dreamers side is reduced to 5% (I know, it’s complicated but it makes sense to me). Note that at this point, despite being at a disadvantage in the PvP comparison, the losing side (Gaia characters) has an attack bonus on the underbosses and mobs. Since each faction should be fairly heterogeneous in the choices players have made while developing characters, each faction should have similar numbers of people dedicated to PvP, PvE, and position defense.

The players’ task at this point is to subjugate the Champions: to do so, however, they will have to reach the top of the hills fighting against the characters of the opposing factions and the creatures of darkness. Once they reach the location, they must simultaneously prevent access to their opponents by building defenses and fighting against the Champion. If they succeed in their undertaking, all the characters belonging to the winning faction should be able to receive the related reward.

Gaia Boss victory:

The breach is closed: the power of the Dreaming Ones has been swept away by the strength and vitality of the Light. From the tormented earth the Guardians of Life emerge to watch over a possible counterattack. Together with the Guardians, a myriad of fairy creatures arrive to purify the area from the corruption of the dark entities.

Gaia’s power is at maximum level, and will affect PvP and PvE stats in the same way as the Dreamers boss:

Characters linked to Gaia retain the 20% attack bonus towards the opposite side, but are no longer subject to the defense debuff. Characters with black wings retain both the bonus and the debuff. For characters with blue wings the defense increase towards those of Gaia is reduced to 5%.

The dynamics of the Conquest of Power remains the same: hill, defend position, subjugate the underbosses. What changes then? The reward.

The rewards:

The idea is to farm the raw material from the creatures of darkness and light present in the area and then refine it and craft the items thanks to the power of the tamed underboss. The crafted item could be anything: new weapons, new accessories, new glyphs or signets, etc. simply separating them between “Items of Gaia” and “Items of Dreaming Ones”, each with its particular specifications (perhaps the former more suitable for the defense/regeneration role, therefore suitable for healers and tanks, the latter more suitable for dps)

Could we also think of a mercenary system to favor one faction or another? I think so, but for this I fear further development of the main story is necessary.

Please don’t bite my throat :sweat_smile: I am neither a developer nor a programmer, but a simple player who had an idea, perhaps unrealizable or banal. I’ll leave it here: if anyone now or in a thousand years wants to draw inspiration from it, I’ll be happy. Thanks for reading this far, see you in game.

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