[Poll] Faction Polling Booth!



(Testing Polls Thread!)

Which playable faction do you like the most in Secret World Legends?

  • Templar
  • Illuminati
  • Dragon

0 voters

Which non-playable faction do you like the most in Secret World Legends?

  • Orochi
  • Phoenician
  • Council of Venice
  • Other (Not Listed Above)

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Nuuuuuuuu illuminati is controlling this forum D:


That could be true. I do work for the Illuminati.
Skewing polls in their favor though?
(I’d do it).


The question is which do you like the most, not which do you play the most.


You all should know by now that The Illuminati runs everything :stuck_out_tongue:


they claim the internet is theirs at least


I kind of miss having a Dragon background but being called KleTheTemplar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think Dragon takes credit for 4chan


Need a Hive option dagnabbit


I mean “Others”. whispers WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THE HIVE.
It’s a scary place, man.


I also do like my demon friends.


Templar for life!

(Unless in AO, then it’s Neut4Lyfe)


Technically a Lumie. Totes Orochi though. :3


Geary for life!


Dragon for life and will not change that ever :japanese_ogre:

I get worried to see so many Illuminothing here though :skull:


Why is the Kingdom always left out of ‘other’ factions. It’s like you guys don’t love the Mummy Mafia!


In practice, I am equal opportunity, with a character in each faction. I have a favorite faction for its uniform, I have a favorite faction for its mission dialogue, I have a favorite faction for its hub. In my heart, though, there’s only one.


Geary is my Queen.


votes from his submarine


They haven’t been in much thus far but I kind of enjoyed The Swarm, and obviously the Kingdom’s amazing simply because of Said.