Coming Home...?

Hello FunCommunity!

I missed you guys AND THIS STORY. Opinions! Should I hop on Alexiere and run high level stuff, or start a new character in another faction? <3 Anything exciting happen in the last… however long it’s been in-game? A year? Hope you’re all doing well - maybe my cabal didn’t kick me out yet! xD Let’s PvP, let’s group up and mess around!


Welcome back to the game, Alexiere :slight_smile: Is Wires returning as well?

See you around!!

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Welcome back. The Filth is pretty much everywhere! And… Spring Equinox 2020.


I don’t know! He forgot that was even his name in game. xD It would be fun, though~

OMG, I need to remember my password. ;-; Everywhere, you say?