Any idea as to whether the faction test is going to come back at all?

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First time poster here, but I was honestly wondering if the faction personality test was going to come back at all or whether a new version was going up or not? I do know that, for me at least, it would be helpful to see which one(s) I matched with and whether or not I could actually get into it again or not. If it does, great! I am all for it. Others are probably all for it too. Additionally, are we going to see some more playable factions in the future? I really want to see the Phoenicians expanded upon some more, especially given the ARG stuff with the Sanctuary of Secrets and the fact that they use Greek terms such as Hoplite and Epilektoi in regards to some of their soldiers. Given the way my character is going, he is likely to be a Phoenician…a Neutral Good one likely. The closest analog would be the Illuminati in player factions, but it is like the rest of them…not quite a good fit. Thanks for any responses and/or help in this matter in advance!

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That Faction testing was kind of “marketing trick” over a year before TSW launch. I did it too but choose otherwise in the launch. That would be good idea to bring it back into SWL site, for new players. Especially now that Factions does not really matter other that RP aspect (no Secret War (PvP) with World Domination bonuses)

Here is fast Faction reference: :smile:

Templar = If you like to be insulted by every other Faction, and love to prove them wrong with power you posses. Still have more friends in opposite Faction than in own mostly because Templars love to argue with themselves.
Illuminati = Insecure kids, with drug problems and you like to be “woman handled” by strong women. And you do it for fun and lulz.
Dragons = Not a real Faction, but mythical being. Chased by Illuminati kids (get the drug related joke :stuck_out_tongue: ). Blame Templars on their every failure.


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Well, I am into the RP aspect, hence, why I was wondering about the test. As for what I expect that my character wants from his faction, an excellent support network/true brotherhood (he is a university guy, came into this via a frat and blew up his dorm room in the process; no “bee”-ing, but a 21 year old guy experiencing a magical plateau; so, inherited one might say), good employment prospects (both long-term and lucrative), a chance to see and do what his ancestors did before him (including artifact collection and trading), a chance to improve the world for the better, and all of the adventure he can get as life is short. He does have some naval/marine cadet experience and even has a sailing license. As for his degree, he is going for a medical degree. He is interested in people and pretty much talks to everyone regardless of faction. He even is likely going to have friends amongst the Kingdom of Egypt when he gets there. Orochi and the Morninglight are not his friends; one is his family’s company’s rival and he has a hatred of cults. If there is a faction that needs a doctor and can fulfill his aims, that’s all the better. I am taking recommendations, but I do thank you for the fast reference.

You are Templar!

Here is something more about Factions, I hope you find it usefull… even that you are sooo Templar :wink:

Well, thanks for the link. I will try out the Templars then! Kind of makes sense as the Phoenicians are meant to be a foil to the Templars…for another question, does this mean then that Templars are actually an altruistic version of the Phoenicians? I only ask because actual knights in the case of the Knights Hospitallers, according to my research, were sea-going knights that became pirates. This likely means all of the sane, altruistic Phoenician businesses would be on the Templars side as their home faction of the Phoenicians have essentially become Stupid Evil for lack of a better term. I can imagine that they still wear the purple, even in Temple Hall, just not wearing the Templar uniform.

Hi. Templar here.
Templars are the type of people who like to pretend to be altruistic, but really aren’t. They’re the type of people who want to control the world for it’s own good.
Also, Templars LOATHE Phoenicians. The most out of any other faction. To the point I think even ‘Sane’ Phoenicians would be shot on sight if seen anywhere near Temple Hall.

Then I guess going Neutral would be good for him and his family then? I do not know and now I am back to Square One and confused again. I am just trying to get back in the game with this character that I am designing with the backstory details already posted above. Given that info, what would be the best match since the Phoenicians are not playable? After all, he can be classified as a Reformer amongst the Phoenicians, tends to stand against people like Tanis or Lidiya. He’d likely help out the Council of Venice, both in terms of supplies, agents, and medical treatment if needed. For the right price, he’d help out the Templars…not sure about the Dragon, but a definite no on the Illuminati despite his sharing of their methods.

His stance on the Kingsmouth agent is that he is part of a crew just doing his job…it’s a living. He also does not like that the Phoenicians associated with Lilith, believes that they should have known better and shot her on sight when they found her or she contacted them. Lilith’s just bad news all around, but so are the Dreamers. Samael…not too sure about his angle in all of this. If this character went to another faction, what would be the best one now that more of the data has been seen for him? Thanks!

If the Illuminati are out of the picture, I think Dragon would be your best shot, storywise.
That said, this is just my perspective. I’m pretty familiar with the Lore, especially the Templars, but I could be wrong and eventually, it’s a choice you’re making yourself. I personally think that even a reformed Phoenician would be denied by the Templars but I might be wrong and in the end, it’s your story and you can do what you want.

There’s always the possibility of someone creating an unofficial online “Which SWL Faction are you?” thing. I might do it when I have the time.

Thank you if you do so. It would be much appreciated and please be sure to post it if and when you do.

Might do it after work then. Anyone got any question ideas?

Actually, CryGaia has the old test Q&A:

I’m admittedly a bit surprised my Google Fu suggests no third party actually went and grabbed/archived the old test.swf itself. I guess the way Funcom dropped the bomb in March 2017 prevented people from trying before the non-legends site went dead…

I knew I was going Illuminati before the test and the test only confirmed it. :smiley:

I enjoyed The Secret War browser game on FB. Not to mention all of the clues and such starting from a couple of years before launch.

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If you’re going that much off canon, does it matter what you choose, you can just RP whatever you like.

They are not a part of your life any more.

Here we go:

It’s not very serious, and probably not very accurate…but it was fun to make, and it passes a couple of minutes

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Once again, thank you. This is very helpful! You get all of my thanks ever so much!

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Came up Templar. Going to go with that. Once again, thanks all!

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Honestly, you could make any of the factions work for your backstory, because there’s no perfect fit. So you’d be able to explore the elements of each faction that your character agrees with and then have some nice points of conflict with the areas they don’t.

For example, the Templars are doing good, but are happy to accept collateral damage to a point where your character might not. They’ll take out a community to remove one individual and ensure there wasn’t anything which had escaped notice.

The Illuminati wield a LOT of power, and have the scope to do a lot of good, but may be more self serving than your character approves of. Or your character may feel that the favours and influence gained by seemingly altruistic acts justifies far more than Illuminati handlers might approve of. Tbh, the idea of studying magic in a frat practically screams Illuminati, so you’d definitely have been on their radar. They’re by far the faction most likely to have really any kind of employment prospects (the Templars may object to one of their weapons doing something other than eradicating evil).

The Dragon could potentially offer a lot of varied contacts and unsual sources of information for artifact collection and trading, but may not always support the ideas and intentions of your character. They may also be frustrating in terms of a lack of specifics in their orders, or in their decisions to send you to different locations.

The Phoenicians are regarded as distrusted criminals by most of the factions - though they may do backroom deals when they want something that they don’t want to draw attention to. You wouldn’t get a Phoenician agent openly operating in Venice or alongside the CoV, and I suspect if one walked in to Temple Hall, the guards would be all over them!

Well, as a frat guy he’d probably love Kirsten Geary.

Daimon Kiyota has a plan.
He is also quite possibly immortal like Gozen.
Probably more of the 64 variety than the imbued.