Most lovecraftian faction?

Hi all, brand new here. I was interested in TSW many, many years ago but moved and didn’t have access to a PC, that’s changed, and I really wanted to get into it to explore the story, lore etc now that it’s free to play.

That said, I’m trying to pick a faction. When I participated in the Beta ARG, I was matched with Dragon. I also really like Illuminati.

However, I’m just wondering if any faction has a more lovecraftian story than the others?

Also, starting decks/classes are different for each faction right? The only weapons I like the look of so far are Chaos, Blood and Fist. Which faction would offer the best starting class for those?(I know you unlock everything eventually). I’m thinking Blood/chaos will be my first attempt at a build?

Anywho, thanks in advance.

Welcome in :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I rolled a fresh character, but my recollection is that all start with the same deck options now. None of the factions are particularly lovecraftian, but my personal feelings are Templar has the more eldritch feel in their faction missons, while Dragon is more Japanese horror and Illuminati is pulp “Adventure!” style.

Very much my opinion though, I love them all :stuck_out_tongue:

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SWL has no faction missions like TSW had, and Faction you pick does not effect decks/classes so it does not matter what you pick. Factions in SWL is morely cosmetic thingie.
Hammer/Shotty and you rock trough the game with no problems.

True dat. Virgula Divina is the best mission in the game… I mean in TSW.


Err. Yes, it does. The only one that’s missing is London Underground. The rest are all there in one form or another.

Ah, I see. So I can just pick two skills of my choice from the start? Or?

I actually hate the look of shotty, I was looking at the weapons and Shotty, AR and Blade are definitely my least favorite of them all. lol I’m usually a Caster in games.

Except for the ones it does have, the ones that mean somebody playing only one character should probably go Templar because of that one in London that feels particularly story-relevant.

That’s a bit disappointing. I really disliked the Templar for their rigidity as well as their connection to the church and general orthodox feel. I much preferred Dragons mindset of darkness/light needing balance and the whole Illuminati Working with demons, blackmailing angels etc to get what they want.

I mean, I could do one of each lol

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The factions are mostly what you make of them yourself. The vast majority of the game is the same for all the factions - there are some where the story set up for missions varies depending on your faction, otherwise there’s only 3 missions that are unique to each faction.

The Templar connection to the church is tenuous at best - the Illuminati are just as likely to be involved in the hierarchy of any religion, and the Dragon will have strategically placed agents too. There’s rigidity and flexibility in all of the factions, it mostly depends on how you want to approach it.

The Templar mission that Sawo mentions (Virgula Divinia) is cool, but there are other little bits which the other factions get that Templars miss out on. If you like the smurfs or the lizards, pick them over the red-shirts :slight_smile:

Starting weapons are dictated by the starting class you choose. Each class has a designated primary and secondary weapons, and you can then unlock additional weapons using in game currency as you progress. There are only a limited number of classes, but your class is not restricted or limited by your faction choice.

There are 9 starting classes (basically one per primary weapon), but if you want a specific combo then the first extra weapon unlock isn’t expensive to buy. Warlock (Blood Magic primary and Assault Rifle secondary,) or Ravager (Fist Weapon and Blood Magic) would seem to be an easy option, and would just mean you had to buy chaos.

It’s worth checking out for a really good starting resource!


Thank you so much for the detailed answer. Guess I’ll just go with my initial faction choice and go from there. Ravager sounds good then, only one unlock for me to start playing around with my 3 weapons of choice. Thanks AWOL :slight_smile:

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