The new Loot Overhaul

I just realized I had not commented on the new loot tables yet.
All in all I think the new loot system is a much welcome overhaul.

About the only critique I can muster is that, it’s entirely possible to play now and never build a stove. Honestly, I would dial the food back just a little, not a lot, just a little.


Character might get diabetes eating nothing but Hyborian Age takeaway food


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’d drop it to simpler foods, not complete meals.
Other wise I like the new loot tables. Most of the time before I blew off chests, really don’t need any more bones, sticks, or stones.

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I like the food. I hate cooking in game lol.
Rn im living from gruel all day :joy:

But maybe 1-2 meals would do.
Same counts for the weapon handles, bow strings and shield frames.

Firstly, I love the idea behind loot rebalancing. It is great to get area appropriate loot and NPC specific items.

But it is too much. Give me 1 weapon handle, not 15. Give me 1 radium gem, not 15. Give me loot that is special, not loot that means I will never have to craft another light source, ever.

And then there are the Eldarium Braziers.

Just because they have the keyword “brazier,” I do not believe they were meant to be included in the loot tables.


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