The official ASIA PVE 4064 server can not be displayed (JST March 3rd)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [ASIA]

The official ASIA PVE 4064 server

The Official ASIA PVE 4064 server can not be displayed from JST March 3rd, about 05:30 (UTC March 2nd about 20:30).

Please check it.

(I made the same report to your company “zendesk” (Request 17672). Just in case, I also posted it in the forum. )

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Just be aware that there could be alot of tickets for the team to go through. Hope you are back online soon.

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Thank you for your words!

The team has been able to repair the server before, so I will wait patiently this time as well!

Hopefully, the blessing of Derketo!

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Any time. Be safe out there.

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JST March 4th about 19:36 (UTC March 4th about 10:36), This server is displayed!

Thank you to those who responded and those who were worried!

(But, Yesterday and today, the server restart time was different than usual.

Therefore, we will keep an eye on the situation after tomorrow, and if something goes wrong again, we will contact you again. )

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The Official ASIA PVE 4064 server can not be displayed again from JST March 5th, about 05:30 (UTC March 4th about 20:30).

It has already been reported to Zendesk, so I will wait again.

The other day, I received an email from Funcom, and in summary, he said, “We are currently checking.”

In response, he said, “The server restart time is no longer the usual time (or has not been restarted).” (image)

The situation is still the same today.
However, as mentioned above, it is said that you have responded to the problem, so I will wait for a while.

Thank you for your busy schedule.

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It is a report after that.

Since JST March 11th, this server has been stopped and restarted normally. (Sometimes it stops and restarts twice)

Thank you to the staff who responded and the people who gave us advice.

If something goes wrong, we will report it.

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