The Patcher Is Very Slow. May Worth to Check It

I found that the patcher was very slow. So I use “tracert” to check.
And I found that always is the node that has no or over-time respond to tracert.
Is there anything we can do about it? @@??

Is it always slow? There was an update that will make it take longer than usual.

The patcher is slow like this:
475 KB/ 15.0 MB - 0/1 -Unpacking - 02:59:30
sometimes it would jump to 65 hours…

Yes, it is always slow in update and repair, but playing seems normally fast. Thus it seems that the patching server or the nodes before it may have problems.

—After 6 hrs, the patcher shown like this:
82.5 MB / 79.4 MB - 24239/24307 - Unpacking -:-:-

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I found that there were two issues/bugs in this problem:

  1. ISP or internet node pathing.
  2. incomplete or incorrect downloaded files.

I solved this problem by this:

  1. Seeing that my smart phone’s 4G could provide good connection to the patcher, while my PC’s fixed net could not, I disconnected the PC’s fixed net and used the phone’s internet USB direct link to my PC.
  2. Ran the patcher. At the “OPTIONS” tab, set the Background Download Speed to “unlimited” and clicked the “REPAIR BROKEN DATA” button. Then waited for it to exam through (PS: the repair button is also the examing progress bar).
  3. After the examing process completed, pressed the “START GAME” button. The patcher closed without opening the game. Then I restarted the patcher, and found that it began downloading the needed data/files.
  4. After pressed the “START GAME” button and found the game went smoothly, I exited the game, disconnected the smart phone’s USB direct link and reconnected the PC’s fixed net. Restarted the patcher, and found that the PC’s fixed net went smoothly with the patcher and the game.