The Ruins of the ancient: Getting access?!

There are many ancient ruins beneath the sands of the cursed lands. But only a few of them are completely or partly accessible. What secrets are hidden behind those entrances you are not able to enter? Could you find another way to escape from your fate to be enchained to these lands or will it lead to your death and you might be cursed as a ghost bound forever?

Deathwhisper Ruins
Gallamans Tomb
Sinners Refugee
The tower of bats
Skittering cavern
Hanumans Grotto
Weavers Hollow
Mek kamosis spire
The priest kings retreat
Ruins of old Nebthu
Tyros passage
Klaels stronghold
Westwatch keep
The aviary
Citadel of the triumvirate
The spawning pools
…and other nameless buildings in the unnamed city

What buildings do you like to enter? What secrets do you like to reveal?
(When I forgot some places or buildings please feel free to complement them😇)


Deathspire Ruins holds the most intrigue for me.

It seems too important to be ignored. My hope is that it becomes a mini-dungeon like the Barrow King.

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Maybe it have been lost on the exiles land of cut content, but yeh those are pretty much dungeon entrance waiting to be completed.
i personaly would love to see what’s under the nameless city, it seem that the Aviary got the same entrance system than the Dregs
Funcom please ? :3

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I’ve been keeping an eye on the Aviary with every update. The little seal is the same one they had over the Dregs before implementation, and having the same mechanism would be an interesting challenge so deep in the city.

Maybe a climbing themed dungeon, with lethal falls and difficult to navigate (without flying) terrain.


There was a conservatory/aviary in Arkham Asylum that sticks with me to this day. That level was swarmed with Poison Ivy’s twisted vegetative denizens, the tentacles of which are mimicked in Conan Exiles by the grotesque limbs of the cultivated lotus. The conservatory room itself was a giant patina-dripped cage, in effort to keep in the flight-enabled mammalian varieties.

The chamber that freaks me out (although it’s rather benign itself) in Conan Exiles is The Scraps. Maybe it’s the PTSD from the trek, maybe it’s the whirling leatherwings, the darkness, the cold, but I have to stand on that ledge with a torch for a good 20 seconds to get psyched up. :slight_smile:

@TwoJay hit every one of my classics except The Tradeway. I have visions of a grand souk on that spot, humming with my vendors and the great wealth of The Peoples.

An arrow-shot away from there is Westwatch Keep, a place that made the list, and as any good PVPer knows is the Eastern Enemy’s prestige base location. I like to emerge on an established server and take down enough foundation spam to let me build onto one of the “tooth” ruins directly to the north. I keep a tidy workshop base up there, I call it the crown of thorns, atop which rests a threatening T3 Set. And I keep it all completely empty. While the enemy is focused on the Big Tooth I’m securing starmetal and black ice holdings in the North.

Finally, more central is the big daddy. Chaosmouth. I absolutely love that place, and have fond memories of thwarting a bad raid at the North end, and watching the retreating clan members from the South end wend their ways to Muriela’s Hope. During that event I went through paroxysms of doubt, as I pulled my resources back wave by wave while they tried to break my honeycomb, to exaltation when I plugged the gap between me and them with a new vault.

Siege ended, out of bald affrontery I constructed an elevator shaft barnacled to the ruins, and took a celebratory swim at Priestking’s Retreat, nude and imperious.


Nice swim Barnes! :smile:

I love the “bald affrontery” part!

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I would like to enter all of them :innocent:
Especially I am curious about

  1. “The priest kings retreat” - Why are so many bones and skeletons lying beneath this structure in the water?
  2. “Deathspire (Deathwhisper) Ruins” - why do so many skeletons ward the entrance?
  3. “Gallamans Tomb” - what do I find in this tomb? Why does a boss croco ward the entrance?
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I’d love to see the Aviary and the Tower of Bats improved with flying bat-demons. Imagine them swarming around the skies, and swooping down on players, to drag them up and into their lairs.


Dear Devs
Will there be new dungeons in the unnamed city for release?

The Unnamed city is my favorite place since the pre- ea release of the game. When I first saw these unidentified Acheronian ruins I was like “aaaaaah I want this game, I need to explore that place!” ahaha :joy:

I think the Imperial Highway has been my favorite spot: not only because you can start seeing all the main elements of the city (like the high walls, some buildings and the aqueduct) but mainly 'cos it’s a place that instills the axienty and adrenaline to enter the forgotten ruins of Acheronians. Suddenly all colors change and you can feel the dark, corrupted magic that starts pervading your bones…

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Tower of Bats has an albino bat-demon in it, but what really upsets me is that the Altar there is nothing but a compost heap!


I am nearly sure that the tower of bats will get a dungeon with the Taming update.:innocent:

Sorry I’m VERY late to the party, but seeing the name of Nebthu again just recently, I wanted to check what was there…

There was a story “The Black Sphix of Nebthu” which sees King Conan in pursuit of Thoth-Amon, during which he comes to the ancient ruin of Nebthu where the Black Ring have a stronghold. The site seems dedicated to the hyena God of Chaos. Conan is outnumbered by Thoth-Amon and his league of Black Ring sorcerors, but because he holds the Heart of Ahriman he is able to withstand their sorcery and force Thoth-Amon to flee again.