Dungeon Mods: Ruins of Acheron, & The Forsaken Tomb

You can find these two new dungeons for your server and enjoyment on steam under the workshop. Please remember mods will need to be updated to match current versions of the game engine. This takes a few days till the development kit is updated for modders. Thank you and enjoy.


Hey i tried Ruins of Acheron, good dungeon but maybe too much monster ?
Overall the trip was very dangerous alone, hard to get it done wisouth broking few sword and consume alot of arow.

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Thanks you it supposed to be hard…and Brutal…:slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed…It should be with a team of friends. However you may adjust your setting in single player to reduce the damage on your weapons a bit and our the NPCS. Thank you for playing thru it glad you liked it.

it was supercool mate, tho the only bad point about it was that you could totaly use a dungeon gate already existing in game, like the death whisper ruin or something^^

Which dungeon you referring too…and what do you mean by gate? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

oh, only the non-dungeon gate already in game, there is several of them (like mention in The Ruins of the ancient: Getting access?!)

Are you referring to a gate door to leave the dungeon? Or the quick travel :slight_smile: