Mounds of the Dead

There is no one in or outside of the mounds it’s like they pack all there stuff up and left .


Singleplayer i guess ?

Still good to mention in a post where you play, if official server, privat, singleplayer, and of course if you use mods.

Still, in singleplayer this may happen

  • when tp as admin
  • when entering first time a given area

fix, run out of the area, out of render-distance. Then come back (without tp), and all should be here like usual.

It come’s and go’s some time’s the people are there then there not and there are some dead area’s it looks like a wall but fall throw .

Could this be a rendering issue. When you arrive and the city is empty, do you wait for a time to see if it becomes populated?

Ya but only half the people come back.

Hey there,

Sending it to our team to see what’s going on.

Oh one other thing how about the dead area’s.

That’s looks really strange, did you try control game files by steam ?

Do you use any mods ? i see like a skyrim compass on your screen.
Did you try start a new game, without any mods, and see what happens in that area then ?
Now i see that, i’m nearly sure it’s a mod problem.

I started game with compass and had no problem’s. This started a week ago.

Looks like a terrain tear, maybe. Could it be a mod causing it?

I have seen this kind of behavior after placing something on the terrain that originally placed at a different level than the surrounding terrain. Usually smoothing the “joints” corrects this, but if the tear isn’t noticed, it could end up with a forced “joint.”

There are still changes on testlive, and it’s simply not reliable if mods are implied.
It’s hard to say that a mod hasn’t any effect. You never know for 100% sure.

I love mods, and use lot in my live games, but it’s not the best way to testlive.

It’s caused by a mod, there is no question about.

I had similar thing happen with an outdated mod on the live build when testing mods.
Like said, mods are fun and fine, i love them lot. But it’s simply not sure and reliable for solid tests on testlive.

I don’t see how you all play this game with out mods but I’ll go with that but I ask them for a sword and they gave me a stick to fight with ?

Did you resolve the terrain issue?

Ya I stop playing it . No one tode me that you cant us mods in here and there isn’t a weapon in the hole game that can do @#$% and the bows suck and it take’s 30 min’s the fight a boss I what to play game not grow old ?

Please allow me to help improve your experience. Conan: Exiles is a great game to play once a player finds their feet.

First, Mods are allowed on private servers, one must load the mods the server is using and Funcom has made this easier to do.
Second, if you are play Solo/Co-op, you can use any mod you desire. The issue might be that the game has been updated and the mod is not updated yet. You should be able to check with the place you acquired the mod to see if it has been up dated.

There are good weapons available at end game. Named and legendary weapons are good when they can be found.

If you are playing Solo/Co-op (single-player) then there are options in the admin panel that will allow a solo player to adjust the game so it is more solo-friendly. Unfortunately, those sliders are broken at the moment, but if you are interested, I can help you adjust a couple via the ini file on the PC.

No I’m good .

I understand, sometimes we need a break from what frustrates us.
If you change your mind, I am still willing to help you where I can. PM me.

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This is testlive !

I use mods in my regular build, and my servers are still moded.
But i don’t use mostly mods on testlive, or only for special tests, when i do some tests for particular modders to check if mod is doing well with this testlive patch.

What is hard to understand at this ?

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