Mounds of the Dead glithy for everyone?

Just wondering if it’s just me or not. The Mounds of the Dead area has been incredibly glitch lately. We’ve been Dalinsia hunting and have probably been through there 50 times now (my RNG luck sucks). But things like an enemy being knocked out or killed will fall through the mesh, enemies will be kited from danged near the other side of the village, enemies won’t stagger (I’ll be in the middle of a combo and they just start attacking like I’m not even there), rubber banding… OMG, the rubber banding! And maybe this one is just be, but it seems like I go through water out there like crazy!

So is it just me or should the Mounds of the Dead be renamed Mounds of the Glitch?

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Sounds like either your server is having performance problems, or your client is lagging a lot. Did you try enabling the debug HUD (with the ToggleDebugHUD console command)? If so, what are the values for your ping and the server FPS?


That is a bit over my head lol, but I will type in that command as soon as I can get to it later today, see what it says and post back here

Are you playing Single-Player Co-Op or on a Server? Do you run any mods?


Online play. I rented a server from Gportal and only run the LT Compass mod for the minimap

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How often does your server restart? If your answer is daily, please consider heading to The Mounds close to daily server restart.

I am an Official Server player, and the picks of the litter can often be found right after daily server restart. There is also better performance earlier in the day, and The Mounds can often be a little wobbly when there are a lot of players around later in the day.


Yup, daily restart at 3am. Nice tip, I didn’t know that. Thanks!

Except for the weekends, we usually can’t get on until late afternoon. But even though the server is open, it’s just my wife, a friend who has been MIA for over a week and me playing. Maybe I’ll change the restart to sometime in the morning. I’ll check out CodeMage’s suggestion and see what them numbers are too

Oh yes, please do what @CodeMage says, this info is really important, and can be easily added to your Steam Screenshots. If your ping is high, or it flutters to very high, your HUD will tell you with a simple visual cue: it is color-coded green, yellow and red. If it ever gets in the yellow, you need to sort of stand still. This happens a lot to me on Officials.

Inside the green block is a number in milliseconds representing the submarine ping-pong response time from the server. When it starts getting to 250 or so, that’s a quarter of a second, or the average player’s reflex time. I’m sure you can understand the implications of this, when playing alongside another player. It gets rubber-bandy.

I’ll be interested to see your data too.


OK, I’m far from being the most computer literate person around so I may have done something incorrectly, but I went to the other room and logged (I’m technically working so it had to be quick lol). I typed in the TiggleDebugHUD command and the only this it brought up was some info in the bottom left corner, in purple text (just took a quick pic with my phone :joy:

LMAO…my wife and her dragon/Loch Ness Monsteresque thangs.

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There should be a box with info in the top-right corner. Look for “Ping” and “Server FPS”.


There was the minimap in the top right, but that’s all I saw. Should I turn off the mod and try again?

The minimap is probably hiding it. Can you reconfigure the mod to move the minimap elsewhere? If not, can you disable the mod without corrupting the game database?


I had to disable the mod. It wouldn’t let me reposition it. But I got the info to show. The Ping was bouncing all over place. Lowest I saw was 76 and highest was 112 (in the pic). Looked to average about 92 tho

I don’t think 92 average is enough to make it that glitchy. Server FPS of 30 is also fine. In fact, that’s the maximum on official servers, although I think private servers can be configured to not cap it at 30.

All in all, what you show there doesn’t look bad. Was it glitchy at the time you took this picture, or was it fine?

Also, pinging @Barnes, because I’m sure he can offer more insight and ask better questions than I can.


I ran around a bit and it seemed fine. But even when the Mounds are glitchy, everywhere seems OK for some reason. I did notice that when I turned off the mod, there was a note under it saying that it was outdated. Maybe the mod is causing issues? Hope not tho, we really like that lil’ thing lol

I’m on lunch now so I’ll run out to the Mounds and see if it’s OK or not

EDIT: went out to the Mounds and Dalinsia was walking around :metal:! But a Cook I came running at me from way too far away (2 bridges and a mound over). My thrall knocked him out and when I axed him, he slid down into the mesh.


For subterranean thralls, the best thing to do is to leave the area and return. Your concussed victim will almost always come back. The only time this hasn’t worked was during a purge when I had pretty much 4-5 choice crafters ready for transport back to the wheel via a Map Room.

To leave the area, ride in one direction for at least a good 15-count, and find something in that area to interact with. Draw aggro, for instance, with a boar. When you return, the floater should have returned as well.

I would set my server restart time to 0600, since it’s closer to when you seem to play. This will ensure it’s less “stale.”

Your ping looks OK, and that’s actually quite acceptable. However, if it’s oscillating between those numbers, there may be something interfering locally on your network, or there may be something upstream in the route that’s causing issues. Although a 116 ping is not bad at all for playability, it’s the lurching around that can cause a lot of stability issues, especially teleporting.


Lawrd, we have tons of crap on our home network so that doesn’t surprise me at all lol. I’ll research around and see what I can do about that.

I’ve heard the trick about leaving the area and returning, never tried it tho. I just thiught it was weird that it happens so often at the Mounds.

I’ll set the reset time to later in the morning and see if that helps smooth things out too.

Thank you all for the help. U all are awesome! :love_you_gesture: :grin:


Logging out and back in also works, but it can be risky.


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