The scorpions, (big and small) have disappeared, including Bosse Scorpion and flying goat!

Game mode: Online private server, (no mods installed)

Dear Support Funcom, I am reporting some bugs found in Conan Exiles:
Beside the “Unnamed Town”, on their way to “Setmaru”, the scorpions (big and small) have disappeared, including Bosse Scorpion!
The location of the event is on the attached screen.
(this event has happened since the last major patch that removed much of the “stuttering” in the game). So I do not know if they were removed to give the game a better performance?)

The second bug, yesterday according to the photo, I found a flying goat !!!
(It happened when the male invested against me and I approached the goats!)



Oh yes, the flying goat, it was there since x-mas i believe. :sweat_smile:
There are different spots, but one i saw them regulary. I think we should not really miss the goat.

The scorpions are an other thing. Not sure if intended or not.
Have upped a new char yesterday for some test, and made the tradtional run to Seper the long the ghost fence. Not one scorpion i spoted, sure, while traditonally this was the only danger the long this road. Avoidable of course easily when you know the run, but still.

Here an answer would be helpfull to know if this disparition of the scorpions is intended after the Seper and the unnamed city overhaul or not. But i have some doubts.

Hey there,

Please create a different thread for each issue in the future :slight_smile:
We’re aware of the flying wildlife and our team is looking into it.
Regarding the scorpions, that’s an intended change when we revamped the Unnamed City.
Thanks for your feedback.

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