<<The Silver Dragons >> Brand new EU PVP Server 3x H// 5x EXP, No Gods Allowed

Hello Everyone and welcome! We just released the server today and are hoping to get more people in! As the title says, there is 3x harvest mulltiplier and 5x experience gained.The server has 50 slots , slightly bigger than the official ones but in case we get it full we can always add more slots! We do not allow gods (for now we are working on making events special for this) and also due to the unstability of the server and constant crashes we set the bodies to not remain in the world when they log out. Anyway if you wish to join us this is the server’s IP Address :

We have active admins and we do not put up with griefers/racists or cheaters so for those that are just looking to have a good time this is the perfect server with friendly people!