The state of the game

Small experience of my last few nights on a pvp official server.
Fight 5 v 10 with invaders in our base, disconnected constantly when i get back in my weapons are gone, and i have to find more.
Never the less we keep on and eventually fight them off.
After the fight we go to repair but an undermesher has gone in the sealed top area and stolen everything including a priest we used for bubble.
Ok we report and carry on find a new priest. Get new bubble, over the next few night we repel them and destroy a few more bases.
We get message back saying get video evidence but as we cant see them, thats quite hard to do, we seal the base again, hearing bombs every so often from out new friends in the walls.
And funally tonight, were we have faught a naked goomba clan that out number us and jump around the inside of the base jumping on heads and putting a few bombs down at a time.

Welcome to pvp in 2023, absolutly ridiculous watching naked guys jumping around with thralls chasing them doing nothing like the bennyhill show.
Ill attach a bad quality video that i took on my phone watching this crap once id eventually had enough.

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Here’s my question. If you can’t get evidence, then how do you know its happening? If you can’t see or hear it on your end to catch on a video, then how do you know someone is undermeshing? I mean if I wanted to claim you were undermeshing, should people take me at face value? Or is the burden of proof on the accuser?

Before some of the undermeshing measures were implemented, we did actually see screenshots and video of the acts happening. But lately, this evidence has been lacking.

I can tell you this right now, if someone on my server put in a ticket saying someone was undermeshing and had absolutely no other information other than that. I’m not going to put in the effort to login to the admin character and go scouring the underside of the map. Now ask yourself why someone who has several hundred servers and many more tickets should do the same?

I know there undermeshing or exploiting because there is no way into that room, its completly sealed off closed doors and built into a structure, all of which was till sealed after it was all looted.
In araised base within a bubble.
And we can see the event log and hear them moving and hear the bombs coming from above us in the rock face.

The point of this isnt the ticket either its the sad state of playing pvp atm

That can be shown on a video though. When you sent in a ticket and they asked for a video this is exactly what they wanted.

For one set of pubically provided servers. Not the other several thousand PVP servers available.

Ok tamien for the sake of argument yes…

Something needs to be done about, the known exploit that allow moving though structures, and something needs to be done about goomba.

And the disconnection madness.

That my main points


Double jump, right? Jump around overencumbered, spam place bombs 15 meters away and laugh at you getting either stomped or 2 shot by bombs.

Make a video and show the room.

Pretty much, if they get caught oh well,
Respawn at bedroll go to vault of pickaxes farm a short time till you can do it again.

At one point another clan came and we saw to clans naked in corner just jumping on each other.

Yeah :smiley:


I have seen equally silly things dating back to Doom… so while Goomba Stomp is admittedly dumb as all hell, I ceased being surprised at what happens in pvp games.

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Become a gummibear yourself. Thats my best advice. In Conan you only win when you adapt. Otherwise you play the victim all the time.

This game is absolutely unbalanced and has no proper fighting mechanics. Thats why people can come up with all that weird and stupi…d stuff. Its like that for years now and it will not change ever.

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The fact this exists at all needs to be addressed.

Xevr has managed to come up with what looks like an easy fix for the goomba at least.

This isnt something that should be adapted to ,otherwise it will quickly become gummibears online as there simply isnt any point trying to farm and get gear.

For the record im not even mad about it, its more of a “what the hell am i playing” thing at this point.

It would be nice to hear from someone official if this is even on their radar to address,

Or play on private servers that ban it:

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